DNC RIGGED HILLARYThe other day, I  went to see the documentary Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democrats by Dinesh D’Souza. I’d previously seen his documentary 2016: Obama’s America and it was very informative on Barack Obama’s (BO) agenda. With the recent events in the Democratic party including the choice of SenatorTim Kaine as Hillary’s Vice Presidential choice and Debbie Wasserman Schultz being ousted as the chair of the DNC and quickly hired by Clinton, it is a trail of corruption and favors, easily followed.

Since D’Souza gives people facts they can track in all of his work, he is a very reliable and credible source of information condensed in a digestible form, especially for Democrats.

Most of the information in the movie, I already know, but there were other pieces of history in the film which put the puzzle together and made complete sense. Those watching should have an epiphany if they can rub their brain cells together and get a spark.

The exceptions to the above would probably be Juan Williams of Fox News The Five, Julie Roginsky, Jessica Tarlove and Kirsten Powers whose commentary on 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi was ” a nice movie, but fiction.”

Hillary AmericaIn the movie, the explanation of the Democratic party and how it came to be and the rise of Hillary Clinton fits so well with what is going on in the destruction of our country. It’s all about power and money and taking everything you have.

I’ll see if I can explain the connection as clearly as D’Souza does in his film.

When Hillary Clinton found Saul Alinsky, she read his book, “Rules for Radicals” taking it to heart. I’ve attached her senior thesis which is all about Alinsky. In a nutshell, it’s about manipulating people’s thinking and you can pretty much do whatever you want. The Democrats are very good at using propaganda to push their narrative. Republicans don’t use the same tactics or have the same goals.

Just to clarify, Snopes.com used a news article to try and discredit Clinton’s tie to Alinsky, however, the article itself, which I’ve posted, was a summary of the book and the goals outlined with in “Rules for Radicals.” I’ll leave it as is and you judge for yourself.

With the connection between Alinsky and Clinton, the function of the Democratic party, the convenient timelines of “bumping in” to business buddies of Bill and Hillary as well as the convenient deaths of those about ready to testify against them, deleting over 33K emails, lying under oath to the Judicial Committee, and the intricate paper trail recently being traced, failed policies which favor her over the American people, it’s obvious, no one in their right mind can believe Hillary Clinton has not orchestrated this entire rigged election in her favor.

Seems like it would be impossible, but in reality, it’s not. Here’s the first clue:

Saul Alinsky Playbook

As I said, Snopes is trying to discredit this particular article but it’s ridiculously obvious, wherever this came from (and I believe the writer) this is exactly what’s happening today. I’d have to read Alinsky’s book but I took it as a rough idea rather than a quote. Snopes took it as a quote.

If you look at what Hillary’s done and orchestrated, throw in her denials and her constant cover-ups, the above makes sense.

Hillary-vs-Obama-Jae-C-Hong-AP-640x480Now let’s turn to her run for President against BO. She wasn’t happy about that debacle. She wasn’t counting on this black guy ruining her chances of completing her plan. But, she really couldn’t stop him without exposing her entire plan of America’s destruction and the dictatorship she wants over the people in this country.

Her time as Secretary of State is a very good indicator of what she’d do as President. Not only has she done deals which benefit herself, they’ve benefited our enemies. She’s lined her pockets through the Clinton Foundation and Bill’s connections, using him as the pawn in her scheme coveting the Presidency.

The America as we knew it before BO will completely be erased with Clinton in the Oval Office.

In comes Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Tim Kaine.

During the Obama vs. Clinton race for DNC Presidential nominee, Wasserman-Schultz was Clinton’s National Campaign Co-chair endorsing Hillary publically. At that time, Tim Kaine was the DNC Chairman.

Once Clinton lost that nomination to BO, she had to do something different with the DNC since they didn’t back her. She felt she was entitled to be the nominee and was slighted by the party who favored Obama.

In order to control the party, she had to get rid of Kaine and put in Wasserman-Schultz. Since I know from the inside almost all politics are about one hand washing the other, promises and pay-offs, it makes sense there had to be something promised to Kaine to get him out of the way and put Wasserman-Schultz in the chair.

wikileaks-dnc-email-leakRecent events have pointed to what Clinton promised Kaine if he would step aside and recommend Wasserman-Schultz as the chair. It can’t get any more blatant than what we’ve seen in the hacked emails of the DNC.

The plan was to take out any rivals of Clinton making her the nominee for President of the DNC. Obviously, they didn’t count on Bernie Sanders being a hard candidate to beat, but through their manipulation and deceit, they kept chinking away at him until he couldn’t take it anymore. Finally, I would bet money Clinton and the DNC bribed Sanders with taking away his standing on the 6 Democratic controlled committees he’s on in the Senate. I would bet money they told him, cave or you’re done, we’ll kick you out of your positions. He caved because that’s his money. They most likely sweetened the deal with speaking paid engagements and he’s also got a book coming out which he’ll be touring with. The cash will start flowing for Sanders very shortly.

Back to Kaine and Wasserman-Schultz. Clinton announces Kaine as her Vice Presidential choice. Wasserman-Schultz is exposed as a fraud and within minutes, Clinton hires her for her campaign. It’s just a happy little Democrat family with no consequences for corruption, collusion and a career filled with deceit.

blacks taunt policeFor other people who have committed this many crimes, perpetrated this much corruption, deliberately derailed any advantage America could possibly have in our foreign policies, deleted documents which were to be given to the National Archives and shirked their responsibilities would be 1) in jail or 2) fired at the very least.

Democrats turn a blind eye and haven’t said anything about Wasserman-Schultz being hired so quickly after being disgraced or the connection between the three of these people and the timing of their promotions and positions manipulated by Clinton.

For Democrats to come out today and ignore these facts and connections, deflect from the large protests outside their convention because of the corruption, have illegals and criminals on stage flaunting breaking the law, knowing there will be no consequences to their crimes, is a demonstration to the national voting population of the United States that it is imperative we elect Republicans across the board to oust these elitists manipulators.

If we don’t rid of this government virus that has infiltrated our society, elect Donald Trump and straighten this mess out, we are surely a doomed nation with our only option to have a Civil War and fight against the tyranny which is the Clinton dynasty.

Read Hillary Clinton’s Senior Thesis – There Is Only One Fight

HillaryClintonThesis-Saul Alinsky-1

I encourage every person to research and go through credible references. You’re responsible for your vote. Voting without knowledge is what the Democrats are banking on!

Propaganda” is information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

A dynasty  is a sequence of rulers from the same family, usually in the context of a feudal or monarchical system but sometimes also appearing in elective republics.

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