4chan-on-tony-podestaToday, 4chan is all lit up with activity because apparently Tony Podesta has been arrested which happened Friday morning. Now, there also appears to be arrest warrents out for John Podesta, Huma Abidin and Hillary Clinton. Supposedly, according to 4chan chat, these three are turning themselves into authorities tomorrow.

In this back channel discussion which is made up of law enforcement and high ranking officials who want to give out information but need to remain anonymous, they’re talking about the particulars of what the government is doing.

These back channels were right about Donald Trump being elected and the rigged system which we’re now discovering or at least the Democrats are starting to admit to.

So over the weekend, this is what’s happened. We’ve had the arrest of the Saudi Prince for supposedly “money laundering” but in that group of 10 Saudi prince’s one of them is heavily invested in the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas which was the scene of a mass shooting last month. And, truthfully we think the real reason they were arrested is for human trafficking and child sex abuse tied to the Lolita Express.

We’ve also had Antifa try to stage a National Day of Rage which turned out to be a National Day of Toddlers since American Patriots who support President Trump were out in full force to fend off any physical attacks.

Then we had Donna Brazille exposing the backside of the Democrats and Hillary Clinton in her book. She’s following in Hillary Clinton’s footsteps trying to profit off a bunch of lies and criminal activity she’s directly involved in. Nothing like having a role model.

And just today, we had mass shooting at a church in Texas. I think these things are being staged by Democrats because they want to put out smoke and mirrors to try and deflect and push their agenda even farther.

People are just targets to the Democrats. They’re not

All of these things, in my opinion were timed perfectly to take the focus off of the arrest of Tony Podesta and his brother who was apparently grounded after taking off in a private jet. Plus the reports coming that both Huma Abidin and Hillary Clinton will be turning themselves in tomorrow.

It’s also interesting to note, President Trump and Melania are out of the country which a few of us also believe is on purpose to protect him from the mass take down of the Democrats.

Now it’s simply a theory at this time but goes way back to an article I wrote in 2016 which referred to the press conference where Comey ran down an indictment of Hillary Clinton and then said, no reasonable attorney would prosecute the case.

We all knew that was a load of crap.

Here’s what I think about this entire scenario which is going on right now.

I think Comey didn’t want Hillary elected and was hoping if he did that press conference, the country would see her for what she is – a crook. He also knew, with a regime change, President Trump would put someone like Trey Gowdy or Rudy Guilliani in as Attorney General obviously – thus we have Jeff Sessions.

Knowing this, Comey also thought if Hillary wins, he’s going to have to justify what he did and tell her he was addressing the issue and was covering both of them. It might not be pretty, but he could keep them all out of prison. Either way, he could spin the press conference.

Bringing us to Jeff Sessions, General Flynn, Manafort and the Russian collusion issues. This entire ruse is to flush out the deep state Democrats and expose them and a few Republicans as the lowest scum of the earth. I just hope they don’t try to make this a quiet take down and let us bask in the glory of a public take down of one of America’s biggest all time political crime families which should include the Clintons and the Obamas.

Donald Trump is a smart cookie and so is Jeff Sessions. You have to understand, both of these guys have been throwing pellets of misinformation from their government Pez dispensers to distract Democrats. Whenever they could, President Trump would do something else to throw the Democrats off the track, covering for Jeff Sessions and his team which put liberals and their base on the wrong track acting all high and mighty while in the background, they were building a strong case to take down these high powered crooks.

Now we come to Friday morning when Tony Podesta is arrested, followed by all of these other distractions, keeping the uproar from the liberal wack jobs at a minimum because main stream liberal Democratic run puppets at the so-called news agencies aren’t reporting this huge take down.

This disruption of the corrupt and evil Democratic party filled with deviants was totally unexpected. The plan to put Hillary in the President’s seat was usurped by the American people and those helpful hackers who distributed the information the public needed to take down these guys.

Those people are heros in my view.

And so, I believe in the next few days, weeks and months, we are going to witness the total destruction of the Democratic party and a jump ship by high ranking Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Pocahontas and Chuck Schumer if they have any hopes of saving their hides. Won’t happen but they can pretend.

We’re going to see more and more Republicans just stepping down because they don’t want to get caught up in the massive draining of the swamp which is one of the biggest reasons we elected President Trump.

This is what we meant when we were at rallies chanting “LOCK HER UP” and “DRAIN THE SWAMP”

Big cases like these take time and frankly, this is what we were hoping for. Now we just need to confirm these things throughout the next week to make sure this is really happening.

If so, we’re in for the biggest shakeup in government history, Bigger than the Wall Street Crash, bigger than historical wars, bigger than 911 and bigger than the current political upset which has liberals running to therapy.

With any luck, we’ll see liberals getting out of this country in droves. Could this be the real sifting of the chaff?