Screenshot_20171107-180845So yesterday, the docket in the District Court of DC had 12 sealed indictments. And for those of you who want to split hairs pretending like indictments aren’t charges, I’ll say this to you, you’re part of the problem, can’t read the dictionary and are unable to use a thesaurus.

That being said, some people think 4chan isn’t a source, but in reality, if you know what you’re reading it’s a wealth of information. The person posting as Q Clearance is the source of that information and we think we’ve figured out exactly who this person is. I’m not going to tell you who we believe this person is but if it is who we think it is, the source is more than just “credible” has the highest level security clearance and because of the position this person is in, it would be better to get information out this way than going to the media or using social media.

So far, what is being said is Tony Podesta is in custody and is going to be striking a deal, most likely for some sort of intel on Hillary Clinton. James Brower says there’s some sort of immunity deal going on here. Since Tony is one of the mentioned sources in the Wikileaks Podesta Emails, we know plenty about this guy including his pedophile artwork which has been featured in Washington DC magazines.

We also know a military escort grounded John Podesta’s plane and revoked both Tony and John’s passports. This is big. Especially since John was already flying to an undisclosed destination at the time.

We also linked the Podestas to James Alifontis of Comet Ping Pong, ex boyfriend of David Brock – hard core Clinton supporter and founder of Media Matters – political propaganda machine and is also mentioned in the Podesta emails. Alifontis is the person who has been named as the supplier of children to the pedophile ring and further investigations show he is still operating in Washington DC under the cover of the Democrats.

If you remember, Megyn Kelly interviewed this pedo pusher on her show without doing any research on him. She failed to show the video of the bands who have pedophilia references in their songs, on their albums and when you see the flash of light on the walls when they’re on stage in the supposed Pizza restaurant, you can identify the disgusting paintings in the background.

Kelly was interviewing him because a guy supposedly mad about the pedophile scandal shot at the restaurant, conveniently hitting the only computer in the entire place that would have had evidence of the child pornography which we believe he had on his computer.

In this circle you’ve got Tony, proud of his pedophile artwork, John, his brother who has pedophile references all over Wikileaks in his emails. Then we’ve got Disney references in the 4chan threads that are exposing the “cover words” used for Saudi Arabia, Hillary Clinton and Obama as well as countries that are all involved in the Uranium One scandal who clearly donated to the Clinton Foundation which is also linked to both stolen money from Haiti and disappearing children.

And over the weekend 14 Saudi Arabian princes were arrested, also connected to Twitter, Fox News and contributed to the Clinton Foundation. They are invested in Mandalay Bay. The face of the arrests say “money laundering” but the back channels are saying the reality of the arrests are about human sex trafficking including trafficking children. I did a story back in 2016 about the Washington Pedophile ring and how these princes have been arrested for pedophilia in various places around the world. Do your research people. I’m tired of doing it for you. Don’t let the main stream media puppet news factory tell you what’s going on – do the research.

If you go to my blog at and just do a search for the pizzagate story, you’ll be able to follow the dots and connect them yourself. It’s a blatant trail that’s been left by Democrats who tried to influence the election using corruption and lies. The exact reason we voted for President Trump and gave Hillary Clinton and her cronies the boot.

These Saudi’s that were arrested over the weekend are closely tied to Obama and Hillary. The evidence of the connection is clear just follow the money.

This brings us to the events which are unfolding now which include Donna Brazille trying to cover her own butt by spilling the beans on the Democratic party and how really corrupt they are. Make no mistake, Donna’s book is only about money and trying to ensure she doesn’t go to prison with the rest of those in the round up including the sealed 12 indictments we saw yesterday.

Hillary Clinton has been strangely silent and the Democrats are coming out condemning Donna Brazille for exposing them. Don’t think for one second people like Diane Finestein and Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and that wacko Maxine Waters and her wig wearing cowboy hat toting partner Fredrica Wilson , don’t know about all this crime. They do, they have and they’re trying to distance themselves on the issue.

Hey Maxine and Fredricka – why aren’t you calling for the removal of all your cronies now? You’re racist bigoted actions have caught you with your wigs off and now you look the fools we know you are.

Democrats and liberals are following the agenda. Read it on 4chan about how they’re staging their marches, who’s involved in Antifa and you’ll see this is all smoke and mirrors to distract from the real target which is Hillary Clinton and her closest circle.

President Trump is very good. He’s very smart. He knows exactly what’s going on here and is using a military strategy to trap the enemy. You surround them and take down their walls and then they have nowhere to go.

We’re seeing this play out and I am telling you right now, this strategy isn’t some quick plan which was just thought up last week. This is a plan President Trump has had since before he was inaugurated.

I’ve posted the 4chan thread on my website which has a link below and as some of you aren’t used to having a journalist deliver actual things for you to read, I’ve provided the links in every story and told you where to find the information so you can determine for yourself what is true and what you believe.

You have to understand how 4chan works and you will see the responses of Q Clearance are woven between other posts. The information is all there just like it was in the Anthony Weiner take down, just as it told us about how hackers were going to help us with making sure the DNC weren’t able to rig our votes, forcing paper ballots, and how this whole Russian collusion story was to play at.

Look at the posts of James Brower and Thomas Paine. They’re supposedly hooked up with Q Clearance. Look at Laura Loomer. These people have been digging and digging and it’s time to wake up. The chips are falling and we the people are winning.

The information has proven to be solid. However, as with any report of this magnitude, people must remain anonymous for their own safety. If you don’t believe that, you need to look at the Clinton body count and how conveniently witnesses are murdered or commit impossible suicides.

There are too many bodies piling up and too many times these people have gotten away with crimes.

I believe this just might be the real end to a long legacy of crime perpetrated by the Clinton Crime Syndicate.


Howard · November 8, 2017 at 12:18 pm

Yes Follow the Money $$$$.

Faith Lubitz · November 10, 2017 at 5:21 pm

Just discovered you…excellent. Had a great dream last night of a large crowd gathered outdoors for a July 4th celebration. I saw Trump standing up in front. “Star-Spangled Banner” started playing, I quickly stood up with the others. Saw one group jokingly start to kneel..then they stood up. I sang the song, was amazed I knew all the words!

Really positive proud feeling. How about a Republic Announcement?

Oleta Payne · December 25, 2017 at 2:27 pm

You are pretty awesome. Thank you for the truth. I do a lot of research also and know how people poopoo information in disbelief. In your searches reveal Bill Gates Monsanto (he sold his shares now) and connection to vaccinations and population control. Sugar with Dr. Blaylock; Dr. Randy Tent who is showing all the time how corrupt drug companies and government are; Dr. Tent goes back to WW II …. The Truth About Cancer-was HEALED the first time in 1888 and being HEALED around the world including America-and how government doesn’t allow people holistic treatments until conventional treatments have been exhausted. Two doctors in Houston, Texas drug through courts. And how about the 36 holistic doctors/researchers killed for healing people of diabetes. Girl, if you haven’t reported on these things, you have a lot of research to do and report on…thank you so much for exposing truth. You are awesome.
Let’s not forget ChemTrails, GMO Franken “food”, government over reach to kill us…

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