chunk_1502912980437041577_422_cIf you’ve ever watched a person identified as Royston Potter on YouTube and Twitter, you may have thought there was something really quirky about this guy. Many have wondered about the military service claims of Potter and tried to find out what’s this guy’s background and why does he say he’s some sort of top secret, in-the-know high level Lieutenant Colonel and if he is such, why such a freak out when Q, an Anon poster and B, his trusted conveyor of simplicity after they both used the term “DEFCON [1]” which sent Potter reeling over the edge of sanity?

This has been a puzzle for me ever since I was able to find an eye-witness to an event which happened at Langley concerning the CIA and Potter decided to try and discredit the report without vetting or asking a question of myself or anyone who works with me, including the eye-witness who could be easily searched with a simple keyword entry.

That being said, the investigation into Potter and who he is became a forefront since his followers seemed to be very passionate about their leader and wanted us to do our due diligence. So we did – and here’s what we found.

Royston Potter was in ROTC during his high school years. After graduating, he enlisted into the Reserves. Potter admits he started military service in 1970 and his record reflects that. However, what he won’t say is he was in the Reserves or even say at the same time he was working as a Police Officer in Murray City, Utah. He was fired in 1982 from the police force after the city became aware he was a polygamist which is against the law in Utah since 1896.

At that time, he filed a lawsuit against the city for wrongful termination which was eventually dismissed.

He was never “recruited” to serve his four years and then subsequently another year. He was already in the Reserves at the time of self-proclaimed “recruitment”. He took the opportunity to do a full time military stint as per his contract. Obviously, Potter chose to do continue in the military Reserves since he was out of a job.

Royston2Also, included in the record which was obtained by a FOIA filing by the author of This Ain’t Hell, isn’t anything particularly spectacular does not support his claims of” Top Security Clearance.” In fact, the report doesn’t say anything regarding any special security clearances at all.

The medals included in the report are from taking classes and passing test. These same classes and tests are offered to everyone as a way to continue the education for military personnel. They have nothing to do with combat service during a war or conflict.

When studying the documents of his record, Potter was an MP who rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel through a series of applications for advancement and promotions due to longevity rather than any particular event. Potter gloats over his position as Lt. Col. and says because he was a “body guard” once for a high ranking official, he is “in the know” and says, “no wonder I know so much.”

Royston-3Included on the last page of the documentation of military service which Potter clearly didn’t want unmasked as you can see in the This Ain’t Hell article, there are three job descriptions which pertain to his rank and position. This doesn’t confirm that he actually did everything within the description, it just means this is what the job entails should this type of event or occasion arise.

That being said, Potter’s actual position was Head of Security which you would see in a Casino or some corporation. He helped plan and implement security details. Sometimes that involved a slightly higher security clearance but never to the level of “Top Secret” as he says in his videos.

Potter continues the practice of polygamy saying in one of his latest videos, “‘B’ and I Communicate About Q” he is an “unconventional Christian.” As you can see in the various documentation about him, he was excommunicated from the Mormon church, kicked out of the police department, embellishes his service record and his connections.


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