This week has been a very heavy news week with the unsealed indictment in the Uranium One saga, Diane Fienstein committing a blatant crime, exposing the testimony about the fake Trump Dossier to compromise an investigation because her friends are being rounded up in groups, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and John McCain being the traitors we know they are, the Hawaiian Emergency Alert System going off, Assange posting a chessboard in conjunction with all the other checkmate postings, Q confirming our reports on the airports relating to the military operations which relates to to people running from their indictments and also the confirmation of the report we did back in November in regards to the Las Vegas shooting and Steven Paddock’s involvement as a gun runner.

So let’s just start at the beginning here and see if we can just touch on these things and make some sense out of what’s going on.

First, on Friday the Department of Justice unsealed an 11 count indictment against Mark Lambert who is a former Department of Defense intelligence analyst who became the President of a Maryland based uranium transportation company for his part in a scheme to bribe a Russian official directly related to Uranium One.

This indictment is part of the investigation which centers on the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton’s approval of a deal that allowed a Russian nuclear firm to buy a Canadian Uranium mining company with has assets in the United States.

As a result of this deal, the Obama Administration was able to funnel uranium overseas via Iran ultimately ending up in North Korea. These key players will have their indictments unsealed and we’ll start to see once again, the corruption of the government and the underhanded deal which Democrats continue to deny while Traitor 44 sent $1.7 billion dollars in non US currency to Iran as a payoff for their services using the hostages at the time, to cover this blatant payoff. Main stream media and the government spun the story as some back payment to Iran. Crooks getting back pay – amazing.

Before we get to Assange, Q and the Chessboards, I want to re-iterate to you, back in November on the 28th, 2017 we reported on the story of how Steven Paddock was supposedly undercover as a gun runner for the Deep State crafting a sale between Saudis to get weapons in the hands of ISIS in the United States.

We also said Paddock was just a patsy in the process and most likely didn’t know he would be killed in this deal. He most likely didn’t know there would be a mass murder of innocent people at a concert and also that he would be the person blamed. All of this was to cover up what was really happening with Saudi Arabia and a deal exposing the gun running connection between the Saudi’s and Traitor44’s Deep State.

Just look at these headlines that came out two days. Late to the party boys?

In the continuation of Democrats and their blatant crimes, California – yes I know – Senator Diane Feinstein decided she would break the law and compromise the investigation into the bogus Trump Dossier which exposed John McCain as the traitor we knew he was and the lies he’s spun around his involvement. It is clear McCain initiated contact with Fusion GPS and worked with them to produce this fake document in conjunction with Christopher Steel, the former British Spy knowing the Democrats were involved. This is just another time McCain has sided with Democrats to work against the people and create another corrupt trail to bring down either a policy or a person who will benefit you and I.

At this time, both Feinstein and McCain have documentation on their crimes and should be treated as anyone else who has committed a crime. It will be interesting to see if there are any actions taken against Feinstein, in particular as she should be immediately brought up on charges for her role in compromising this investigation. She is also calling for the closing of Guantanemo Bay where it appears as if detainees there, may be in her circle of “friends.”

Speaker Paul Ryan is also a traitor to the American people as he plays the role of a RINO and pretends to be on board with President Trump. Rather than push back against cries of racism this week, Ryan continues his disdain for our President by making statements to the press as if he’s some “morality” which should be adhered to. Just this week, when being asked about President Trump’s rhetoric he said, “that’s unhelpful.” Ryan has refused over and over again to stand up to the press, stand up to the Democrats because in reality he is a Democrat just like McCain.

We saw how he acted during the Presidential Campaign. He refused to be seen in public with President Trump and even went as far as canceling appearances just to avoid being on stage with him. This is the real Ryan, make no mistake.

Now let’s talk about this deal in Hawaii with the Emergency Alert System. Although it was unfortunate, it definitely Red Pilled every person in Hawaii who thinks we’re in some sort of conspiracy world where illegal immigrants should be protected over American citizens and the Welfare System hands out Gum Drops and Lollipops.

According to a Hickman Air force base Fusion Analyst, this alert was not false. In fact, he states it was an order and we’ve found out it was given by the Pacific Fleet Command. I’ll leave a link to a video you can watch in the area below.

Initially, the information was that a drill was going to be taking place, however, after a series of missles were being fired in the Pacific, it was determined that there should be a push to get the White House to approve an attack on North Korea using these missles and the alert system as the final push. However the White House refused and said no, squashing the entire plan.

But, we’ve also learned a few things which coincide with this incident. According to our sources, there is supposed to be an attack by terrorists during the Olympics in South Korea this year similar to the attacks in Sarajevo in 1984. When the attack does happen, it will be blamed on North Korea.

Because of the events which happened in Hawaii yesterday, both liberals and conservatives will be on board with the United States attacking North Korea. This is why the instigation of the Defcon1 Warning System took place.

It was sent out to make sure the American people are awake and understand the severity of the situation in the world and to facilitate the Deep State plan to use North Korea as their way to physically attack the United States.

The Deep State along with Traitor44 and Crooked Hillary, have been building up nuclear weapons for our enemies in hopes of creating a war to take down America.

If President Trump wasn’t in place now, we would already be in a war since Traitor 44 made a deal with Elon Musk to fund his private SpaceX company who was set to give nuclear technology to the North Koreans.

Thwarted by the Trump Administration, Musk has apparently turned from his alliance with Traitor44. Thus the Deep State has to cause something else to happen in order to start a war between North Korea and the US

These events are being confirmed through Q posts as well as what we can see unfold before our very eyes.

Also, we believe the coding and puzzles posted by Q, Julian Assange and President Trump are messages to the players in what they are referring to as a chess game. I remember it wasn’t too long ago I used the analogy of a chess game and you have to be the Grand Master to actually win against all your opponents.

These codes are put here for a reason. One – communication between the players without interference from the Deep State as well as giving us enough information for those of us paying attention to be able to wake up the public without having interference by the main stream media or the Deep State.

President Trump throws out a little pellet of Twitter poop for the flies to swarm to and while the main stream media of fake news runs over to spend hours analyzing Mika Bra-zin-ski’s face or the distraction of the term s-hole – He’s moving the pieces on the board to win.

Thus the postings of the Chess board – more clues to coincide with what’s really happening and the use of the word CHECKMATE in both Q and Assange postings.

Let’s take a look at this interesting timeline posted by one Twitter user:

Q December 18 posts about a chess game, splash and Fox Three –

(see video)

And finally, we have the event which happened yesterday in Hawaii.

Part of this Q debacle was to also weed out the men from the boys. And if you’ve paid attention to the Q posts from yesterday and today, not only did we know President Trump was calling out the media in his Fake News Awards set for January 18th, the balance of information is going to be shifting.

Right now, we’re only getting about 20 percent of the news but pretty soon, we’ll be having 40 percent of the news.

The balance of media power is about to shift to private news organizations such as myself and people like BP Earthwatch and others who want to report real news with real analysis. This is helpful to the people.

These postings were to weed out who can be trusted and who jumps over the edge without thinking. I believe we’ve proven here that not only are we responsible with our reporting, we are able to decipher the clues, find the documentation and report in a manner which allows you to decide what you want to believe.

We are gearing up to have more reports for you during the week with a live show on Sunday Nights at 6pm Mountain time where you can call in and participate in the discussion. We will be having guests on the show and interviewing them. You’ll be able to ask questions via Facebook and Twitter as well. We’re working on a simultaneous live broadcast between YouTube and Facebook.
Watch for our announcement – we’re shooting for February 3rd to be our first show.

We welcome all your news and information and look forward to providing you with even more reports in the near future.

Have a great week everyone!


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Luis · June 8, 2018 at 1:13 pm

I’m sorry , On what station is your 6:00 PM Sunday night show? I’m new to your blog! Thank you!! I have seen you before on your YouTube videos only! Keep up the good work patriot !!!!! 🙂

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