Stalin Quote FeatruedMany people in and outside of Colorado can’t believe the voting debacle which took place in the Republican Party State Assembly this weekend. The first thing you need to understand is we’re not living under a Democracy anymore whether it’s in the country or within the party which is supposed to be a supporter of Constitutional rights.

You’ll also have to understand, I’ve had to weed out a lot of lies and information that has been put forth to peel down to the truth.

Back in December, I had decided to really get involved with the Republican party on the local level because there were a lot of rumors of voter fraud and corruption within the party itself. I figured I had nothing to lose since I’ve been a lifelong Republican and support Conservative ideas.

I suspected our vote didn’t really count and wanted to verify people’s claims as well. So I went to the December meeting of the La Plata County Republican Central Committee and volunteered to be a Precinct Captain.

It never occurred to me I wouldn’t be able to cast a vote for my presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Who would have thought Colorado GOP State Republican board members would underhandedly take away our right to vote.

stolen votesI met with the local chair, Travis Oliger and he explained to me he had gone to a state run meeting of the GOP and there was a unanimous vote of the board of the party to get rid of our votes and choose unbound delegates so they would be “free agents” and vote for whoever they wanted to at the National Convention. He was repeating the rhetoric from the top brass which told him it would be better this way so they wouldn’t be committing to one candidate.

He also said if Coloradans took a straw poll at anytime after February 1, the delegates would be bound and if the candidate which they were bound to got out of the race, all of a sudden we’d lose our delegates and our votes wouldn’t count.

Not coming from a caucus state, I thought this was pretty stupid and a dumb way to do things. I definitely disagreed with this process because if I were to become a delegate from my precinct, how am I going to know what my people want me to vote for if I don’t ask them?

From December through this entire process, myself and a handful of people from Colorado have done everything in our power to warn people their votes were about to be stolen and given to a delegate chosen by the party heads if we didn’t do something.

The Denver Post even wrote a story telling the people of Colorado their votes were usurped by State Chairman Steve House and his board. Either not very many people read it or they didn’t get what was happening.

I gave speech after speech, talk after talk on how just 24 people voted unanimously to take away our vote.

reince preiebus 1This move came right after the National Chair, Reince Priebus had said on Fox News, Donald Trump would never be the nominee for the Republican party. The GOPs strategy to take down Trump and his supporters began right when they realized he had momentum and support in this swing state.

When you’re in a swing state, voters are divided almost evenly between Republicans, Democrats and Independents which means, the Independents can swing either way, tipping the scales to either party.

As Trump gained momentum, they became nervous and began plotting how to usurp our votes and make sure their candidate would prevail.

Since the GOP is able to change it’s rules at will, they decided to change the rules, take away our caucus votes and toss us a few local votes pretending as if we were voting on “delegates” from our area and sending them to represent us in the State and National Conventions.

Right. What a crock. In fact, these people who were “elected” as delegates for the State to go to the National Convention are the same cronies the party can control.

What happens in politics is a lot of schmoozing and back room deals. It happens every day, all the time regardless of the party or whatever good intentions a politician had when they started their political career.

republican backroom dealsIt’s the same for delegates. Party big wigs look at their power players and figure out who they can manipulate and who will do their bidding. Sometimes, they may have to actually show their hand but the person being swayed is already corrupt and doesn’t care. Others, such as local level delegates, can be easily swayed with a little glitter which is what Ted Cruz did on Saturday in Colorado Springs.

People at the local levels get all excited because they’re a “delegate” on an important mission and part of the “process” not realizing they are heading into a little funnel which is already filled with about 50 people already hand chosen by the State GOP execs.

All those people are doing is going through a formality to pretend as if it’s some “choice of the people” when in reality it’s smoke and mirrors.

They let these local chairs and boards feel as if they’re important by giving them some menial responsibility making it seem as if they matter. Sometimes it might be just strategically asking a local chairperson to sit on the Rules Committee or lead the Pledge of Allegiance at an “important” event.

This is the wooing of the delegates and the local chairs to get them in position to be able to tell them whatever they want, spoon feeding them their “decisions” as a great thing.

This is exactly what happened.

corruption 1As we neared the March 1 caucus, it was clear, the votes of the people meant exactly zero. You go to the caucus, elect a few people to represent you to the county who don’t have any idea what the precinct wants – good luck with that.

These delegates from the Precincts go to the County Assembly at the county levels and sit in chairs, listen to a few resolutions if there are any, all the delegates who want to go to the State Convention put their names in and if they make that, there still isn’t anyone who they represent because they don’t know who they’re voting for. Basically, it’s another free-for-all without direction.

These people who are delegates elected at the County, show up at the State Convention, put their names in the hat for being a National Delegate and as we were told, were supposed to remain unbound once again to the National Convention in Cleveland. And still, they aren’t representing the people in their areas because they supposedly have no idea who the people want to have as their Presidential Candidate.

Why in the hell would we elect people we have no idea what they think, to represent us in an extremely important election which is a critical year this time, in the history of the United States?

Do you really think the people of Colorado are that stupid? I’m going to say most of us are not, but I can’t speak for all of us.

Now we’ve got these 37 delegates who are basically a free-for-all which the state chose before we even got to the State Convention.

obama_swearing-in_laughter-e1348079545400How do I know this? Because they were running campaigns to be the National delegates before we’d even been to the State level. The people sending out their propaganda had just been elected by their counties to go to the state. Why would these people spend this kind of money to send mailers out to local chairs and vice chairs as if they were running for a Senate seat if they weren’t fairly sure they were going to be elected?

We’re talking about a lot of money here.

Delegates are supposed to pay for their own way to go to these events with the National Convention costing each person approximately $10,000 in fees and expenses. Do you really think a local yocal who is into politics, believes in the Democratic process, can afford to spend $10,000 or more to go to the National Convention? No.

Therefore, you can bet, the only people attending the National Convention are the elitists who are in the #NeverTrump camp. It’s been planned and we’re the Guinea Pigs for the entire nation.

What is amazing to me is that Cruz has the nerve to stand there in his rallies and say Donald Trump whines when he doesn’t get the votes. He forgot to tell the audience we didn’t get to vote. We never had a say. How do we even know how the delegates would have been proportioned? We have no idea because 24 people decided we couldn’t vote and then 37 delegates decided to go with a liar and a thief in Cruz.

ingraham krauthammerI can assure you, we have many, many Trump supporters here and we are going to expose these people for the corrupt entity they are and we will either restructure the entire GOP party or it will be done.

I am done with this debacle and the corruption and I intend to be very loud about it.

Listening to these people on Fox try to lump all of us into some sort of group with the 24 people who decided this violation of our rights is really getting on my nerves. Laura Ingraham is wrong! These pundits haven’t even uttered the words “24 people decided for the entire state of Colorado!” Again, media lies.

Krauthammer is also wrong. We the people never got to vote on whether the rules should change. This has been a slap in the face to all the people in Colorado!

I’ll be publishing the names of the delegates shortly and you can bet, there are a lot of people who are going to be contacting these people.

The entire system is unfair and there should be no caucuses. In truth, our vote doesn’t count in a Primary either if you follow the dots. These delegates are only bound on the first vote. After that, you’ve just lost your vote again!