white privilege 2Over and over again, I keep hearing whites have some sort of privileges blacks don’t have and there’s this constant oppression they have to live under. What a crock!

Amazingly, blacks are in denial of the privileges they have and racist statements the keep getting away with. There’s a double standard in America which is antiquated yet perpetuated by blacks themselves.

Somehow, someway, blacks have completely turned away from the intent of Martin Luther King, Jr. and those like him. He would be ashamed of what the blacks are doing today to whites and other races not like them.

When I was younger, in the 70s we kept saying blacks were suffering from “discrimination.” Later, when I was a teen, blacks began discriminating against whites and we called it “reverse discrimination.” This gave a false definition to the very word since discrimination is just plain discrimination.

black white kids 1Back when I grew up, we didn’t really think about black/white relationships. You just were who you were and no one really cared about your color as much as your character. There wasn’t any discrimination against blacks per se as that’s not the way our community was raised.

I’m not black so I can’ really speak to their neighborhoods back then or even now to a point. I can speak to statistics and the rhetoric they’ve been accosting everyone with through videos and Black Lives Matter.

What’s really going on here is blacks have more privileges and get away with more criminal behavior than whites could even imagine.

Some examples are these:

EbonyEbony Magazine: this magazine is geared towards blacks. I’ve never seen a white person in it. I don’t really care about a magazine featuring things which are race specific. I never really thought about it that much. However, if you flip it open and look at the articles, they continue to pretend there’s some sort of oppression going on even though they feature many blacks within the magazine itself, who are successful.

One thing they keep overlooking is the high crime rate which is specifically black on black crime. I’ve not read one thing in any of these race specific publications addressing their own problems within their own communities including parenting, education and getting rid of gangs.

Instead, they glorify rappers who are criminals with extensive backgrounds and empower race baiting. What would happen if there was a publication called Ivory Magazine featuring only whites? We’d have protesting in the streets with racial slurs against whites coming from blacks. We certainly don’t see whites protesting any black publications.

black usaNegro Education Fund: Hmm, sounds like it only caters to blacks. Of course since Rachael Dolezal identifies as black, does that mean she can get some college funds? Can you imagine the White Education Fund? That would be a no-go.

Miss Black USA:  What? How about the Miss White USA? Would that be okay or would there be a KKK association as if there’s some sort of white supremacy going on here?

100 Black Men of America: Wow – what about 100 White Men of America? That would definitely be some sort of Nazi/KKK association and the Black Lives Matter group and Black Panthers would get their panties in a wad even if it was just some sort of organization of the top earning white men in America.

These are just a few examples of the absurdity blacks are pushing on whites. As a white person I can certainly say I feel no oppression or desire to join any of the above groups or apply for a college loan from the Negro Education Fund just to prove discrimination based on race. It’s obvious these aren’t for me and frankly, I don’t care that much.

Unfortunately, I have to care about blacks discriminating against whites now since each of these organizations promote hatred of whites reinforcing the Race War which wouldn’t exist if liberals weren’t indoctrinating young people.

Parents should be teaching their children this stuff is wrong. However, in black neighborhoods they have to deal with gangs and recruiting to gangs. It’s like a mafia you have to join if you want to survive the neighborhood and have a chance of getting out alive.

There’s also a huge absentee father ratio among blacks but it’s not like whites are going over to black people and forcing them to procreate at a young age. Many of these black men don’t feel any obligation to take care of their umpteen children they’ve fostered leaving the mother to fend for herself. Of these irresponsible fathers, most have been to prison at least once if not more. This is just a statistical fact, not a racial stereotype.

black-thugsAnd now, the media will twist what I’m writing adding “all” to what I’m actually saying. Obviously, all black men aren’t deadbeat dads. In fact, there are a lot of black men who are great examples but for some reason, the blacks themselves refuse to look to these men as examples.

Great black men today are people like Alan West and Sheriff David Clarke. These two are outstanding men regardless of their race. They just happen to be black. You’d think these two men at the very least would be having a bigger impact on their own races however, there are more liberals race baiting than these two are able to combat alone.

If Obama would have used the office of President wisely, he could have been a great leader for the black community. Instead, he’s been pandering to criminals committing crimes who’ve been shot and killed by good cops doing their job.

Without any kind of regard for the office of President and the fact he is supposed to be representing America as a whole, Obama’s ignored white officers shot by black criminals, said nothing about blacks brutally killing whites and hasn’t addressed Black Lives Matter or Al Sharpton calling for the killing of whites and cops.

blacks bully whiteOn numerous occasions white people have been accosted by blacks with no arrest or justice for the victim. One thing happens to a black person and it’s suddenly some sort of major race war. It’s pathetic and doesn’t make America a great country. It undermines American values whenever any race starts discriminating against another including blacks against whites.

And just an FYI right here. Muslims aren’t the issue – Islam which is their “religion” is the problem. If Muslims were just the issue, there wouldn’t be an issue.

During my career in entertainment, whites have been passed over time and time again in favor of blacks and other minorities. There was a time in the 90s to early 2000s it was really difficult for a white person to get a part in a commercial. You’d be turned away at the door just for being white. That’s discrimination for real.  We had to have “diversity” in advertising according to the black demand.

Now, we’re completely the other way when it comes to discrimination and we see it daily with blacks continually whining about how they don’t have this or that, mainly money and jobs, while they make sure to get their food stamps, housing and healthcare every month.

Although I agree jobs are an issue in the United States, I don’t think if Donald Trump brings these jobs to black areas you’ll have a lot of takers. It’s a lot more lucrative to deal drugs, pimping on the corner or gun running than it would be to work in a factory. On the “black privilege program” you can make a lot of money doing illegal activity with a gang while collecting welfare than punching out holes in a piece of metal all day.

gang signs 1Imagine making $2000 a day illegally and adding another $3000 of tax payer paid welfare on top of that versus making $1200 – $2000 a month at a regular job. Is there any comparison to that kind of cash?

And what about these gang signs in pictures? You don’t see a bunch of white guys taking pictures in groups flashing gang signs. But there’s picture after picture of blacks displaying their finger language to each other through photos. Gang activity is against the law but do blacks care about it? Of course not. They’ll get their homes shot up by other blacks if they even smell resistance. You think Islamic terrorists are bad? There’s nothing different between these guys and a terrorist.

So, no – white privilege is a myth perpetuated by race baiters trying to control the attitude of blacks to keep them in an uproar.

Can you imagine what kind of people blacks would be if they put as much effort into education and parenting? It would be like a whole new civilization of successful community members making the world a better place for everyone.



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