fake news 1The very idea that Wikileaks is “fake news” and the hacking of the Clinton, DNC and Podesta emails was done by the Russians is actually quite funny and here’s why.

The history of Wikileaks is they’ve provided 100% accurate information which people have tried to negate ever since they came to fruition. Combing through the huge archives which are on the site, documentation of their validity is easily established when they provide the tracing mechanisms within the documents themselves. It’s not like people with knowledge aren’t able to trace back the information to the original source once the clues are provided.

I’m not an Internet prodigy, but I can trace their information back to the source. I don’t feel like doing the homework for every single person who has a rebuttal to whether Wikileaks is legit or not. That’s not what I do.

What I do is as much verifying as I can and provide a trail where the average person should be able to do what I did and come to their own conclusion. I also digest the reaction of the people involved in the documents to the information and evaluate how they deal with being exposed.

wikileaks 5The interesting part about the Clinton, DNC and Podesta emails is Hillary Clinton, the DNC and John Podesta have never said any of the provided emails were false. In fact, they decided deflection to the Russians was what they were going to push. They’re whining has been about ethics and morality in hacking rather than the content.

I just had a discussion with a liberal professor at a college and he wouldn’t even discuss the morality and ethics issue, only calling the information “fake news” and we have to consider the source which “leaks” and he even suggested the “wiki” part of Wikileaks should lead one to conclude they’re not a “credible source.”

I found this laughable as I also find “The Russians did it” laughable since it’s not like it’s difficult to hack into these emails from their private servers for an experienced hacker. The government even made a huge deal about Guccifer, the actual hacker who exposed Clinton’s private server. So, nope, the Russians didn’t do it and if they did, why is Guccifer sitting in prison? Wouldn’t that mean he should be released because he didn’t do it – it was the Russians?

PUtin Laughing 3Not only that, Guccifer 2.0, the second hacker to expose the corruption in the Clinton camp and the DNC establishment provided more information in addition to the original hack. That information was also verified as true by government officials who weren’t happy the private servers of Clinton pretty much gave away State Department secrets which included the location of our American operatives overseas.

Somehow, the Democrats don’t care about the lives at stake which Clinton exposed. That’s not important. “The Russians did it” is much more important as they keep pointing fingers. If I was Vladimir Putin, I’d be laughing every time they try to pin their hack on me. Would Putin really care? No, why should he? He can see the circus and scramble of the Democrats whom he does’t respect. They’re a bunch of clowns running around acting like they matter.

Problem is Democrats do matter because they’ve got half the United States citizens believing their brand of bull and the rest of us wanting to smack them upside the head to jolt them into reality.

Speaking of reality, Podesta’s emails in conjunction with the DNC emails lead us to see the actual origin of the fake news was being spread by CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and Washington Post among others who literally sent their articles for approval before publishing. What legitimate news agency sends stories to the person they’re reporting on to the actual person or their handlers for approval? That’s a great way to provide propaganda to the massive amount of idiots in the country and frankly, they have no right to be whining over “fake news.”

Guccifer 1In addition to this, liberals argued for almost two years Clinton never lies. She’s always factual and tells it like it is although her rendition of Bosnia never happened. Clinton’s never been under sniper fire. She also lied to the Benghazi committee for 9 hours one time and another 11 hours proven through the release of her emails and video of her “testimony.” She gave the emails to the committee and the other emails she tried to hide were hacked.

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC along with their online counterparts and print media reported fake polls repeatedly throughout the last two years. Pushing, pushing, pushing Clinton being ahead in every poll no matter how many people kept saying they were not voting for a crook. Skewing polls to reflect whatever you want the outcome to be is a form of “fake news.” It doesn’t make any difference who is reporting it, when it’s fake, it’s fake.

Throughout the actual voting process Democrats were caught distorting facts, blatantly lying about results and stories, then had the audacity to try and rig the votes with ballot stuffing, voting dead people and trying to equip illegal aliens with the ability to vote by using their railroaded, pushed through driver’s licenses they shouldn’t have. For God’s sake, we have Americans who can’t even get a driver’s license because of their crimes and California is the worst in giving illegals whatever they yell for.

Prior to the casting of votes on November 8th, we saw Democrat offices being raided by police because of voter fraud.

In pops our reliable hackers. No, Democrats and Hillary, the Russians didn’t do it.

voter fraud 3Yes, voting machines were definitely hacked. First they were rigged, then they were hacked. Voting machines were rigged with software prior to casting electronic ballots to vote for Clinton. We knew that and was confirmed by FBI/Secret Service/CIA informants who want to remain anonymous obviously so they’re not on the Clinton’s Body Count List (another real thing.)

With the raid on Democrat offices for voter fraud and the undercover videos posted by Project Veritas Action and James O’Keefe, along with past evidence of voter fraud, who did voters turn to for some type of fairness? Hackers.

Several hackers in fact, and I’m not going to name them because I like them and it’s not like you can’t find it yourself if you want to, but it was our trusty, faithful, non-Russian hackers who helped us with the election this year.

They knew the software for rigging was installed on the voting machines. That was just too obvious. They also knew it was going to be really tough to simultaneously bring down all the machines at the same time. That would be a big chore really fast if you know anything about hacking.

paper ballots 1The best way to combat voter fraud was to bring down the machines themselves by hacking the system program and wiping it out rather than going through the program to change the information. That being said, one hacker replying to fearful Twitter users said, “don’t worry, we have it covered.”

So we knew to watch for something on November 8th. Although very few really paid attention to the “tweet” it was certainly valid. Reports of voting machines started coming in and and voters had to cast paper ballots instead. It’s pretty hard to change a paper ballot but it’s really easy to change a digital one.

Without manipulating the actual vote, hackers were able to steer the physical casting of ballots to paper and it made a big difference. The only alternative for Democrats at that point would be the ballot stuffing which they were doing previously.

Trump supporters had volunteered to be poll watchers, ballot counters and monitors for the votes which didn’t allow Democrats to physically stuff the ballot boxes. The very few ballots that were missing and tampered with, were thrown out. Republicans and Trump supporters did a great job monitoring the results and this was most likely one of the most honest voting cycles ever.

Norse 1Did the Russians expose Clinton’s emails and the Democrat’s crimes? No.

Did the Russians rig the elections? No, that was the Democrats software program which was taken out by friendly hackers.

Are there fake news stories? Yes, there has been for decades (tabloids are the worst and so is “click-bait”)

And here’s another fact people may not know, most of the hackers are American based. The second biggest hacking threat is from the Middle East. Few hackers are Russian based barely showing up on the radar ( check here: http://www.norse-corp.com/)

Several reports from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have them taking credit for a few of the hacks and there’s also a rogue report about the National Security Agency (NSA) saying they had something to do with a machine. This is what the government does when they have no control. They put out propaganda saying they have control when in reality, they’re scrambling behind the scenes to combat what they attempted to manipulate.

Under the Obama administration, it’s hard to tell what they’re fingers aren’t in and what is actually real without whistle blowers and hacking. Obviously, we can wait for results which have proven a the Obama administration has successfully instigated an 8 yr plan to destroy the status of the United States, but now, people are mad and we’re not taking it anymore.

So, with all due respect to the half of the nation with actual brains and addressing the other half who are complete idiots, the Russians had nothing to do with any leaks or hacks of the election or the campaigns. No, that was all from friendly world wide hackers both in and outside of the United States.

All I can say is, thanks guys for a job well done!



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