Having been a reporter for the past 25 years, I’ve seen a lot of ridiculous things in journalism and Fox News along with their blonde darling Megyn Kelly have disgraced the profession with their antics.

Here’s what these “seasoned” journalists are missing. Donald Trump doesn’t care about the question Kelly asks. That’s not even the issue. What the issue is, is the attitude with which the question was asked.

megyn_trump-800x430At the very beginning of the Fox News debates on Aug 6, 2015 Brett Bair asked the Republican candidates if they would support the Republican nominee even if it wasn’t them. The way in which it was asked was arrogant and was meant specifically for Donald Trump only. That was already a low blow question because they seriously thought Trump wouldn’t raise his hand. He did and that was that.

It was already clear from Bair’s question, there was a bias against Trump and it continued when Kelly asked Trump about his comments which he’s made over the years specific to Rosie O’Donnell who he mentioned.

The contempt with which Kelly asked the question and the smug look on her face was completely unprofessional to begin with. Her arrogance and attitude asking the question was clear. It is unprofessional for a journalist to not only put a smug smile on their face while asking a baiting question and then she added arrogance to the mix. Real journalists might ask the same question but not in that way.

Continuing through the debate, Chris Wallace also was very smug and arrogant with his questions. All three of the moderators were continually trying to bait Trump and acted like he was some sort of clown while he was on the stage.

foxnews-debate-mods-twitterThis is the problem.

It’s also very clear Bill O’Reilly gets it. He eluded to the arrogance when he did the interview with Trump tonight. He said he would have asked the question but not in that way.

What’s ridiculous is the arrogance of Kelly and her colleagues holding on to the question and not realizing it’s the arrogance with which it was asked. They seem to have no clue real journalists don’t ask questions with arrogance and opinion. They are supposed to be asking questions from a neutral standpoint in the manner of the reader wants to know or the viewer wants to know.
And then we have the added arrogance of Fox News to put out a Press Release mocking Trump asking his supporters a question which he is perfectly within his realm to do. It was completely unprofessional for a news organization to mock anyone regardless of who they are.

Every moderator and commentator on Fox News has been completely mocking of Trump the entire time with the exception of Sean Hannity, Neal Cavuto, Greta Van Sustern and O’Reilly. Four people out of the entire staff on Fox News actually had enough journalistic integrity to come from a neutral standpoint until today.

fn press release 1Fox really wants Trump in the debate so they pulled out the big gun and had O’Reilly talk to him about his position.

What should be done? Someone with enough guts should come out and call out  Kelly for the arrogant attitude she continues to have towards Trump. Someone with guts should be telling Fox, the question isn’t the issue.

If these people can’t understand that, they aren’t journalists.

Should they apologize to Trump? Yes – they should because of their arrogance, attitude and unprofessional behavior.

It will  never happen which is why this will never be resolved.

What would I do? I would have just walked in there and let her act like an arrogant ass and then blasted her in front of everyone.

However, Trump has decided he will do good with his time which is noble. He’s going to raise money for Veteran’s and Wounded Warriors which is a very good decision.

This won’t hurt Trump. It won’t effect him in any way regardless of the propaganda put forth by Fox.

journalism-is-dead-welcome-to-the-era-of-content-marketingPeople should get a clue and understand, by not going to the debate, he’s not obsessing about Kelly. He’s not contributing to their ad revenue and ratings by appearing on the debate. If Fox News said they would put all the money the make on the debate to the Veteran’s and Wounded Warriors, he might just change his mind.

Again, there’s no way Fox News will put their money up. They can back Kelly all they want to and we’re not buying it. He’s brilliant. The media can’t stop talking about him and will be talking about him all through the debate.

Either way – Trump wins on debate night!

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