donald trump 38Supporters of Donald Trump might be confused by what seems to be a sudden change in his demeanor and the reports he’ll be a “kinder, gentler” candidate for President. If you know anything about liberals, you’ll understand. The message will still be the same, the delivery is what might be a little different.

Here’s an example. Where I live, there are two Republicans running against two Democrats. The majority of the area voters are Independent, followed by Republican then Democrats. The two Democrats hole the office of County Commissioner which are currently up for grabs. This is why a different strategy is needed to win the votes of the majority as well as your own party.

As I was consulting with a these candidates, I told them they would have to approach liberals completely different since their minds work on the opposite scale of where Conservatives would think they should be. They don’t appreciate getting tough and think with their feelings and not with their heads.

Knowing there’s two different people out there and some are logical thinkers while others are abstract thinkers, these two groups can’t be treated the same.

This is why you will most likely see a bit of difference in Trump as he heads towards California and other states who are filled with more liberals than Conservatives.

Without changing the message, Trump can win over these people by thinking about their feelings. They might still like the Lyin’ Ted rhetoric since they won’t vote for him anyway.

Liberals can handle the truth, just not in the same package. It’s like having a choice of Christmas gifts. All have different wrapping and different bows and are different sizes. However, what’s inside is exactly the same thing. Now, you give them a choice.

liberal conservative 1Trump was asked about Caitlyn Jenner and the bathroom issue of North Carolina. Suddenly, some of Trump’s supporters are starting to fain with the media hype saying he’s supporting transgender people which isn’t what he said at all.

He was neutral. He said he thought they didn’t need a law and should be leaving things alone. What he’s saying is why does everything liberals want have to be a law? It wasn’t an issue before and now, it’s suddenly an issue because a couple of gays or cross-dressers want to use whatever restroom? This has been happening for years.

It’s just like everything else liberals want. They make noise out of non-issues like Trump’s name in chalk on a sidewalk or a guy holding a Trump sign.

The answer Trump gave was smart since he’s going into California territory. I’d have answered the same way. What the hell am I going to do if I’ve got a hotel and Bruce Jenner wants to go into the women’s restroom?

That being said, Trump’s going to have to change his style to the audience. I’m not going to have the same style when giving a message to New Yorkers as I would to Californians. I can read the audience. New Yorkers are hard core and want the message without the fluff. Californians like a little fluffy feel good with their truth.

Donald Trump 39My parents are the same way. My father is a person who can handle the raw truth. My mother on the other hand doesn’t always like to hear it and will leave the room. Same message, different delivery.

So let’s just see what he says in the next few days before everyone starts throwing darts at Trump. He’s a very smart man and knows what he’s doing.

As long as he doesn’t lie, I’m with him as my candidate. If he starts lying, I’m out and so far, so good.

I don’t always agree with everything he says, which is fine. I don’t have to agree 100% but for the most part, I think he’ll make this country strong and do what he says he’ll do. He’s always done what he says he’ll do and that’s already a plus over Cruz or any other candidate running for President.

So at this stage – I’m still a Trumpster and will continue Stumping For Trump!



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