The more Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz try attacking Donald Trump, the better he does with the American people. This is the way the figures have gone since Trump announced his run for President.

Seems like the attacks on Trump would work but there’s an art to being Trump which defies Rubio and Cruz and they just can’t seem to get it.

Rubio and Cruz were two “nice guys” who used to tell the truth and kept saying they were going to run a clean campaign pretending they were the most moral and ethical candidates running.

Now, the American people are seeing the true colors of both of these candidates and they don’t like it. The more they attack Trump, the less the American people like them.

rubio-traitor1Both had the ability to become the running mate to Trump and both shot themselves in the foot. That will never happen. At least Chris Christie got it and endorsed the Republican front runner today.

What’s happened here is Rubio and Cruz are beginning to blatantly lie to the people as well as omit important facts to their statements. This is why their trust levels have gone down.

These ridiculous lying Republicans are trying to make the names they’re calling Trump stick and it won’t. In fact, it will have the exact opposite effect. The American people will be even more angry after this.

Every time I see a Rubio commercial it really makes me angry. It’s not swaying me to his side. When I see Ted Cruz yelling his “message” with a contrived and “preacher” like delivery, it makes me want to smack him. I’m not changing my mind to these two.

Besides the fact, both of these guys are politicians and that, for the rest of us civilians, is still part of the establishment. They’re endorsements aren’t helping. Glenn Beck endorsing Cruz actually hurt him. Now, as more and more stubborn Republican establishment puppets back Rubio, it’s killing him. I’m not going to be surprised if the numbers increase for Trump and decrease for Rubio and Cruz.

In fact, I’m listening to Rubio right now, pretending to be a Christian mocking someone which doesn’t seem like I read that anywhere in the Bible. Really? How’s this playing to your Christian faith and your holier than thou attitude, Rubio?

Cruz 1Trump is Trump and we accept that he’s really good at being Trump. He never tried to tell the American people he was a Holy Christian, in fact, if Trump could quote an actual scripture, chapter and verse, I’d be surprised and frankly, don’t really care.

I’ve experienced a lot of so-called Christians in my life who are more dishonest than a brawling biker dude with tattoos all over them.

However, Rubio and Cruz have continued to pretend they’re some holy evangelical gurus who are God’s gift to the Republican party. The insincerity of these two is now completely apparent. They did a complete turn around, took their masks off and now we see the truth about these two. I don’t like it.

I don’t like these two guys trying to tell me how moral and ethical they are and “won’t stoop to name-calling” and are now doing the very thing they said they wouldn’t do. I was really hoping Cruz would be the Vice Presidential candidate but now, that’s a no-go for me. I’m pulling for Chris Christie.

Besides that, in an interview the other day, Rubio clearly said he was for amnesty while trying to sugar coat it and use different terminology. Sorry dude, we aren’t that stupid.

Cruz continues using half-truths and blatant lies knowing what he’s saying is completely wrong. He knows Trump couldn’t possibly make a political decision at the age of 9 but continues to say he has been pro-choice for over 60 years. A blatant lie.

Rubio 2At least with Donald Trump, he says what he believes to be the truth and if someone corrects him, he accepts it and moves on. These guys are hitting the hypocrite stick so hard, it’s not helping them at all with the majority of the American people.

Last night’s CNN Republican Presidential Debate, Trump did really well and answered the questions as he should and then had Rubio on one side and Cruz on the other, both looking like big jerks. They both acted like morons and I didn’t like it at all. In fact, they acted like two Democrats trying to attack a true American.

I don’t know who said this but one of the pundits said Donald Trump isn’t running as a Republican – he’s running as an American.

Much stronger, much more uniting and apparently, the majority of the people in the United States agree with me and Mr. Trump.


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