Believe it or not, Wisconsin polls taken by Fox Business show Ted Cruz is in first place while Donald Trump is in second place completely ignoring Cruz’s continual lies which have been called out by many independent news agencies, a few lone journalists and Trump supporters.

What does this say about the Wisconsin voter?

Ted Cruz #2It says they either could care less Cruz lies thus making them just as ignorant as the Democrats voting for Hillary who has not only habitually lied, but instigated the murder of four Americans in Benghazi including Ambassador Chris Stevens or this is a complete and total lie in the polling numbers.

On top of this, the poll shows women are even more ignorant and uncaring since, according to the reports, they quit supporting Trump after his interview with Chris Matthews talking about abortion.

Can we believe these polls?

It’s really hard to say since there have been so many misleading reports from every media source on-air from CNN to MSNBC from FOX News to national radio shows.

So what can we do?

Inform the Wisconsin voters of just how much Cruz actually does lie is what we can do. I’ve posted some of the biggest lies however you can go to YouTube, there are so many it would fill an entire blog on its own.

This is the best smack down regarding Cruz’s lies.  He tries to justify his position while being smacked down by Chris Wallace. I’m not a fan of Wallace, but I’m certainly not going to fault him for grilling Cruz.

And here’s a compilation of lies with a side by side of what Cruz says and then what Trump actually says. It also includes some thoughts by a former Cruz roommate and a few radio show hosts who’ve had it with the lying. If you can’t use your brain and get it, you probably shouldn’t be voting.

Why is this rocket science?

If you’re really going to tell yourself you’re not biased and want to do what’s right then you’ll take note of these arrogant statements by Cruz regarding the truth. There isn’t any truth in his statements. Every answer he gives to a reporter includes a bunch of flowery words, twisted rhetoric and blatant lies and still, people with holier than thou attitudes keep backing him.

wallace cruz 1This certainly tells me the character of the person when they ignore facts and have something against Trump who is just trying to wake up the American people and set the country on the right path in favor of a lying puppet boy (reference Pinocchio.)

What he’s doing is getting away with it in the media and now with some of the supposed “Republicans” and “Conservatives” which means Trump is really on the right track.

I think it’s completely ridiculous for Wisconsin voters to back Cruz. I think it’s utterly ridiculous for any person to support Cruz.

So far, as of today, there’s only one candidate who is meeting and continues to meet the criteria of a Presidential Candidate and that’s Trump.

If the RNC wants to change the rules, I will personally make sure to show up at the Republican Convention in Cleveland in June and protest. This will be a war and I intend to make sure my voice is heard this year and from this point on.

Won’t you join me?

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Diane Pierce · April 1, 2016 at 9:51 pm

I promise I am behind Trump 100% and if I can afford it, I will be in Cleveland to protest against the GOPe tactics!! We need Trump to stop the corruption in Washington, D.C. I really do not want to see Mrs Cruz running our country which is what I believe will happen!

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