Democrats doing what Republicans will not
Simple tasks shouldn’t be this hard…

Who has really failed?
My first thoughts here are about the vast number of people across the United States Corporation and the Republic of America who call themselves Christians but have failed to stand up for what God gave us. That’s why we’re here.

Democrats on the other hand, have vowed to be as evil and dirty as they possibly can in order to win regardless of truth, dignity, respecting the “laws,” the Constitution which was orchestrated by God and are preying on the ignorance and stupidity of these “good people.”

How many have actually read and comprehended the Bible (I don’t care which of the 900 you choose to follow) and what it is clearly showing? Have we relied to heavily on the Preacher Man to tell us what it says? Are we so inept now that we can’t understand that we – the Christians – have allowed this dark day to come without much of a fuss?

Yes, I am talking about the Trump Verdict which is a disgrace and a shame…a stain on the once Great American History that will now live in infamy. Here’s what that means:

to live in infamy: extremely bad reputation, public reproach, or strong condemnation as the result of a shameful, criminal, or outrageous act.

The Democrats just pulled off another hijacking of our system – this time the court system – in public view and their disgusting display of hatred towards President Trump with the orchestrated deranged Robert “Snowflake” DeNiro standing outside the courthouse in a political press conference as a surrogate for the extremely unpopular and evil Pedo Joe was anything but propaganda. If Republicans would have stood outside Hunter Biden’s ridiculous circus court drama and did the same thing, the Puppet Industry, masquerading as “news” would have condemned them all to hell.

Just typing this newsletter is making me ill.

Here’s where we are right now. There is no “rule of law.” Nothing – zip – nada. There’s a slave class and an elitist class. Nothing more. It is a dictatorship.

This isn’t Communism or Socialism. It is tyranny ran by a treasonous group of mongrels that forage for evil in the depths of hell, delight in depravity under the guise of “transgenderism,” “LGBTQ” propaganda, murdering unborn children at a rate that is gaining speed at the Blood Altar of Moloch called “Planned Parenthood.”

They literally have a plan. Their plan is to force you to participate in their loyalty rituals using fear as their tool of choice. They deceive us by putting baby body parts in our medicines and food howling with ecstasy at every naive participant who lifts their fork to their mouth and ingests their evil.

You are participating. Some of you know it. Some of you don’t. Some of you are so fearful that the dumbed down “law enforcement” who no longer understands their job and was given a deadly weapon on their side, armed with tasers, bullets and backup will kill you or severely maim you for life. I don’t blame you one bit. It’s the chance we take for freedom.

We have “law enforcement” that are being installed in society who are illegally in this country. Don’t think so? Try Illinois for one. They’re in the forefront of treasonous acts.

What about California which has become a monumental toilet bowl of stink, rot and trash? What about New York that has become the centerplace for corruption in law and justice where Democrats are running rampant over their own populations?

Democrats have a plan. They’ve always had a plan. They are the embodiment of the Sons of Perdition. The actual reality of evil. They are Sodom and Gomorrah in the flesh. They are a living example of depravity and deception. They aren’t alone.

There is a crime cartel that has gripped the world. It is a Global Organized Crime Syndicate that has installed itself in every aspect of our society from local to national to global. What are the Christians doing about it?

Climbing into the Box Cars like the Jews did during the Hitler period. That’s all the the Christians are doing.

Their excuses are getting old. As far as I’m concerned there is no excuse for a Christian to sit back and be a pew warmer. That isn’t “valiant in testimony” as the scriptures lay out.

You know why I haven’t done a broadcast in a long time or sent out a newsletter? It’s because there is very little action by folks. I realize the percentage of those who actually do anything is around 3% – it’s historically accurate.

That’s why, when you see a III% sign, you should realize that person with that sign is going to be actively fighting for your freedom. That person is well aware that if someone doesn’t fight for what God gave us, all is lost.

However, God isn’t going to be patiently waiting for us any longer. We’ve had our chance and we’ve blown it. This is also an historical fact which is biblical if you have studied the Bible in any fashion.

God wipes out those who do not follow his laws. Evil doesn’t win. It may linger for a long time but in the end, evil is a loser.

Are you afraid of your neighbors turning you in for your beliefs? Are you afraid the cops might come and arrest you? Are you afraid Democrats will know where you live and burn your house down? Are you afraid your wife or husband or even your children will shun you or worse, turn on you and report you to the “authorities” for being a Conservative Christian American Patriot who believes abortion is wrong, gay is wrong, abusing children is wrong, and a whole bunch of other wrong things society has labeled as good and we should be tolerant of?

My father taught me to be different and to not follow the crowd if the crowd is doing something wrong. He taught me that following God was much more important than what people think of me. He also said there will be many times when you are standing alone against a crowd of finger pointers who lack the faith and stamina to go against the societal norms trying to shame you into submission.

This is why the Constitution is so important. Because in a Republic with a Constitution, one person can stand alone.

Democrats just completely destroyed that.

Unless there are Christians willing to press their sheriffs, public officials, elected officials and those who are in “law enforcement” to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION AND ENFORCE IT WITH PROTECTING OUR RIGHTS and willing to JAIL JUDGES, PROSECUTORS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS who are GOING AGAINST THEIR OATHS OF OFFICE – we are lost.

Every single Christian in the United States and around the world should be on their knees right now and in continual prayer like they were in 2016. I haven’t heard any national efforts towards prayer in the past 7 years. I haven’t heard any coordinated efforts at blowing the Shafar like they did in 2016.

Nothing. Crickets.

Except for the admonishment from the “clergy” and Preachers and do-gooders saying we shouldn’t rock the boat. We need to make people “feel good” so they’ll come to church.

Sorry. I don’t see anyplace in the Bible where Christ says Thou Shalt Consider the Feelings of Evildoers and be Tolerant of their Sins.” Nope. That’s not in there.

So, in response to the verdict from yesterday, I’m going to be doing a series of shows over the next few months to help you learn how to hold these people accountable. If I can find a guest to help out with this, great – but as usual, it’s very difficult to get people on the record willing to stick their necks out.

Yes, I will continue my show at 2PM CST on the various platforms of Rumble, YouTube (Freedom Workshop and Liahona Broadcasting), X (Twitter), Facebook, Clouthub and Twitch. So you can just use those URLS and add “AprilLaJune” at the end and you should get there.

Everything except the Freedom Workshop and Liahona Broadcasting are my name.

And if you decide to unsubscribe today, then you are going to be part of the problem. You’ve learned nothing and I can’t help you. Don’t be like those who had the opportunity in Kansas City to vote out evil and chose evil again, then ran to us for help. I will wipe the dust from my shoes that has darkened your doorstep and you will be on your own.

Remember the scene in Ghost when the guy was grabbed by the evil shadows? That’s going to be you if you don’t start doing something about this depravity.

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