The Mass Illusion of Government is real

You may not recognize it because…

Magic seems like a really fun thing to watch, maybe even perform. I’m not going to say Magicians are evil because I don’t think most of them have any intention of seriously damaging people with their form of entertainment. In fact, I think it’s kind of fun to watch people do tricks. However, I’ve come to a realization about what the Organized Crime Syndicate (OCS) masquerading as “The Federal Government” is doing.

For many years, we have heard about these big magic acts in Las Vegas and our giant cities. We have bought tickets, made special arrangements to see these spectacular performers, and even been fascinated by their mass illusions on stage.

Some of you might have seen David Copperfield on stage and experienced how he made a full-size helicopter appear on a stage in Branson, Missouri. He may have done that in several locations but the interesting thing is how he could make an entire audience swear they had seen a full-size helicopter, inside a building, on stage.

I just watched an Anonymous Official (AO) video and he wasn’t really talking about “magic” in the sense that I am talking about it. However, during that video, it dawned on me what is really going on. Although we think all this stuff is harmless, and I believe in some regards yes, it is harmless, the OCS has been collecting data on mass illusion, how to do it, and what the reaction of the people is when it is being done.

What we continue to think is “just a show” is not harmless when the Cabal is using every aspect of our lives to analyze our behavior in order to manipulate and modify it n order to control us.

It is simply disgusting.

So as I’m thinking about what AO said, the reality of magic, and how naive we are, I started putting two and two together and made a startling and horrific realization.

Before you write me off as a nut job, hear me out on this…

We are aware there are “rules for thee and not for me.” We are constantly seeing “politicians” getting away with things that we would be arrested for. We just watched Tucker Carlson’s show video from January 6th which is exactly what we already knew because we have the social media real-time videos we’ve seen.

We know there was a soft coup on January 6th with the installation of the Clown Puppet on January 20th to a 3-gun salute and the backs of the military turned on him as he rode in the motorcade of the OCS pretending to be the President of the United States.

What I am not convinced of is this coup really happened many years ago. Most likely around 1871 to the absolute consent of the American people. Did anyone give any pushback on any of the events? Yes, but it was only a handful. That handful was used as an example of what the Cabal will do to you if you protest against them.

People kept going along with things because inch by inch, they would spin a tale of the “common good” and “we need to make laws against this type of thing.” They would make it sound good even when it was bad. They would say things like, “We’re trying to prevent this from happening to one more child.”

Our collective sense of “morality” would push us to agree because we didn’t want to see one more family hurt, one more person destroyed, etc., etc., etc. When in fact, none of us were thinking there are prices to pay for freedom. Sometimes that cost if really high.

We have been taught “freedom” means there are no consequences. We have been taught we have “free agency.” The truth is, freedom comes at a price and so does agency. Nothing is “free.”

Standing on the sidelines we watched decenters and those dubbed “conspiracy theorists” be ridiculed, belittled, arrested, sued, and investigated on their taxes. All kinds of things people have endured because they wanted others to know the truth about something, only to be squashed and their rights stripped from them.

Most people are willing to give up their rights because some guy comes to their property in a bulletproof vest, gun on one side, taser on the other, handcuffs at the ready, and a little two-way radio to call dispatch for backup in case you start questioning the strong arm about your rights. Once you start invoking your rights, these hired guns start getting loud and feel threatened, all the while they are armed and you are not. At any moment, we know they can threaten us, grab us, throw us in a vehicle, and tell us we’re going to jail regardless of what is really happening.

Gone are the days of freedom and our rights. We gave them up because we didn’t stand up and now the OCS felt it was the right move to officially overthrow the government and announce they’d done it.

Think of it this way.

If you can see a car filled with armed criminals coming in your direction, they have no badges, just armed, threatening and ordering you around, are you going to call “law enforcement” to stop them? Of course, you would.

They’ve breached your property, accosted you with verbal abuse, sometimes physical abuse, and then proceed to throw you in their car and drive you away. You don’t know them. The only thing you were doing is invoking your rights.

Your right to travel from one location to another in your private property. You might have gone a little fast but it wasn’t any big deal. You may have also run a stop sign or a red light accidentally but there was no intent to harm while you were traveling from one location to the other. That is our right. That is our freedom and that is what the Supreme Court has said years ago.

Sure it is common sense to go the speed limit since it’s really there as a gauge of the road, and of course, stop signs and traffic lights help to move people along in an orderly fashion… but criminal? Are you serious? There’s no criminal intent even in an accident. Why is the OCS escalating these things to over-the-top arrests of live humans throwing the book at them with no victim? We’re not talking about drunk driving or drugged driving. We’re talking about what happens all day long 24/7/365 to many people across the United States. The money-making machine moves forward and the people pay the price.

I have not heard that a license all of a sudden ensures someone is a good driver or they won’t drive under the influence of something. There is nothing that prevents a person with a license from getting in an accident, whatever that accident is. However, the “CORPORATE” “STATES” seem to think if they pump a few manipulated stats at the enforcers of policy, then all of a sudden there’s a reason people need licenses to do things.

If the mafia came to your door to strongarm you into purchasing a “license” would you know it’s wrong? Of course, you would. You might pay it out of duress because they’ve made sure it’s well known if you don’t buy what they’re selling they’ll hurt you.

What’s the difference between them and the “government?” Terminology.

Nothing more.

We are morons and we continue to be morons. We refuse to really know our rights. We have been indoctrinated to believe the word “law” means “statute” because in legal terms, that is what they made it be. They twist the meaning, changing definitions of common words to suit their needs and we just take it.

Now we know that “lawful” means Common Law and “legal” means Corporate Law. The trained ponies of enforcement don’t know the difference. They send the obedient to do their will, they hire the less than qualified, and then the puffed up, armored uniforms ask you, “where did you get your law degree?” when you’re telling them you know your rights or can point to Supreme Court case law which is Constitutional and upholds your rights.

Your rights mean nothing to them and as long as you let them, your rights never will mean anything to them.

You’re no longer dealing with the Government of our Founding Fathers. You’re dealing with an illusion perpetrated by clever members of the Cartel who masquerade as “politicians,” “judges,” “attorneys,” and “law enforcement.”

I would prefer to have Constitutional Sheriffs, skip the Police Departments, in bigger areas have more deputies if necessary but they should all be able to pass a test on the Constitution. If they can’t do that – don’t hire them.

I don’t care about policy. I don’t care about anything other than the Constitution because that is what God put there to guide our path. That and the Bible. Those two things are absolutely the top two documents that should be in your library of knowledge and engrained in your head. If it’s not, you’re one of those people who are “suffering because of lack of knowledge.”

Just now, AO just put out another video. I swear they watch my show. This 16-minute video tells you exactly what I’ve been saying for about 8 years now. I feel 1) validated and 2) exonerated by the absolute ridicule I have received for the entire time I’ve been broadcasting on YouTube.

How can this be that I, without any coordination with these guys, was able to figure this out? How is it that the masses seem disinterested? I’ll tell you why – evil has to make everything public before it does it. In order for them to continue what they were doing, they had to make a dual system. Rules for thee and not for me. That’s what it really is because you gave your consent for all of these things and they’re very real and happening to destroy people right at this very moment.

I can’t reiterate enough or sound enough alarms to tell you your house is on fire and you have to put it out. Nobody is coming to put out that fire for you. Sure, there are fire departments, people you can go to in order to learn what’s up, but ultimately, until you get off your cowardice couch and push back.

I can only lead you to water, and tell you how to use a cup, but ultimately, you have to drink. That’s the way it works.


I became a Secured Party. I’m pushing back in every way I can. I’m just hoping I can hold out long enough for people to ensure they’re on the right side of this equation as it is going to get way worse than it is right now.

Pray, fast, and then act!

Yours in Christian Patriotism,

April LaJune © HDIC

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