DALLAS, TEXAS – AUGUST 04: American talk show host Sean Hannity speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference CPAC held at the Hilton Anatole on August 04, 2022 in Dallas, Texas. CPAC began in 1974, and is a conference that brings together and hosts conservative organizations, activists, and world leaders in discussing current events and future political agendas. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Hannity isn’t your friend
He never was.

Why do you think he stayed on Fox News when he could have changed?

Five days ago, Sean Hannity was hauled into a pre-trial court hearing where he testified under oath that he believed President Trump lost the election and didn’t think there was any merit to the election fraud undeniable evidence.

I say undeniable because there have literally been thousands and thousands of people who participated as election judges, poll watchers and poll challengers besides being in the room at the time of the ballots being mishandled who have sworn testimony of the wide-spread election fraud all across the United States.

Apparently, Hannity skipped watching 2000 Mules too if he missed the entire ballot stuffing movie which tracked paid criminals making multiple trips to ballot boxes, some traveling back and forth from Stacy Abrams office in Georgia. Remember Abrams? She’s the corrupt Democrat election denier who thinks she should be the rightful Governor of Georgia while losing in a landslide.

Hannity must have also missed the Project Veritas undercover videos which caught ballot harvesters red-handed, showed the manipulation of ballots by postal workers and also caught one of the biggest Voter Fraud money-making scams in Ilhan Omar’s Muslim community she claims supports her. In reality, these people are being strong-armed into compliance by threats and bribes. In some cases, Muslim community members are being told to change their ballots after they’ve already cast their votes. PV showed us this proof.

And yet, Hannity, multi-millionaire and obvious RINO is oblivious to all of this evidence of election fraud in every state in the country.

So I ask you, is Sean Hannity actually a friend to Conservatives? My answer is no and I’ve been saying I didn’t trust him for over a year now. I think it’s been more than 2 years since I started saying Hannity is a shill. He’s a liar and now we have proof he’s a liar. He refused to testify under oath that he believed there was election fraud. What does that tell you about him? I think it is very loud and very clear what he is and who he is.

He’s a sell-out and an establishment-paid talking head.

Similar to Tucker Carlson who has, on several occasions, made egregious statements where he almost lost the entire Conservative audience in one fell swoop. His redeeming grace is he has started reporting the actual truth, however, does he really believe the words coming out of his head or is he just happy to continue getting a weekly paycheck that is more than the average American makes in one year?

I would say these two are absolutely controlled propaganda put in place to gather data on Conservatives and see their reactions so the Global Cabal can adjust their manipulation of us accordingly.

Are you getting it yet?

One of the #17 posts said this:

Use your logic.
Can emotions be used to influence decisions?
How do you control emotion?
Define ‘Plant’.
How do you insert a plant?
Can emotions be used to insert a plant?

Hmm. But how can this be? Isn’t #17 just a LARP? A psyop? A shallow poster who should be dismissed as nothing more than a lucky guesser? Sure. And I have some oceanfront property in Florida complete with wildlife you might like to buy. Any takers?

All I can do is shake my head as I watch Conservatives follow after the gods of Television Propaganda give you 99 truths to trip you up on the 1 lie they seem to cling to.

I’ve even got people who follow me sending me links to Juan O’Savin who, at first, wouldn’t show his face. Then of course, after many people kept saying he’s JF Kennedy Jr, he suddenly gained fame and now goes around the country spreading a bunch of regurgitated opinions he gets from others. He not only doesn’t look like JFK Jr., now that he’s shown his face, it’s clear he isn’t but people still keep saying it and it’s frankly, super annoying.

He doesn’t have anything new and he’s not “hooked up” as people think. He’s actually a little scammer riding the coattails of others (like myself) who give him the information because he’s watching our shows, subscribed to our emails and is fed OUR research by his “team.” No, I do not respect this guy and refuse to have his commentary on my show as I believe he’s a misinformation/disinformation plant.

The same goes for Scott McKay, some know him as Patriot Street Fighter. If you’ve ever seen this guy behind the scenes or at an event, he’s got two sidekicks who look like massive dumb goons following him around pretending to be bodyguards. Nobody else, including General Flynn, has high-profile side gear like Scott. It’s a pretend threat done purely for theater and, like O’Savin, Scott gets his information from the rest of us because he’s incapable of finding out his own “breaking news.”

You may think these guys are hooked up because they pretend to know things but in reality, their claims are baseless and have zero evidence to prove what they say. I’ve watched these guys from the beginning and the outlandish things they say are just that – outlandish.

If I ever say anything that has no evidence, I’ll tell you it’s just my gut feeling. There’s nothing backing up what I am saying. However, I try to limit that a lot because I think it’s important to have evidence or at least go down a logical route that has circumstantial evidence along the way. You can follow the dots and put the puzzle together and it makes sense to the fruits produced – both good and bad.

Again, you can’t put your faith and trust in any person because you’re not sure what the underlying motivation is. I can tell you mine but still, you shouldn’t fully trust me either. You should check out the sources and use logic, reason and in all cases, Godly discernment. That’s important.

­There’s no good segue into what I’m going to say to you right now. This society is moving towards a cashless society and thanks to Chinese experiments on their own people, the Social Credit Score is going to be what determines if you have access to your bank account regardless of your work.

So you can work your butt off at your place of employment whether it be for someone else or yourself and if the Global Cabal deems you a threat, you’re going to be smacked down to compliance.

My Social Credit Score is already down to negative 1000 before we’ve even started because I’ve been labeled a “radical,” a “conspiracy theorist” and a “scammer.” That’s what you get when you’re over the target. Ridicule and constant propaganda bombardment. It’s been happening my entire journalistic life in politics and particularly over the past 8 years. >Sigh!<

But, that doesn’t stop me. I will continue because there are no rewards in heaven for lying. There are rewards, they’re just not heavenly rewards and that’s more important than earthly or “hellish” rewards. I’m not going to even go there.

So here we are with a Smoke and Mirrors world, scamming us into beliefs that are false by using a Dog and Pony Show complete with Clowns, Magicians and Dancing Girls trying to propagandize us into compliance.

Even this stuff with Elon Musk and Twitter is a show. I just watched another video put out by Anonymous Official on YouTube where David Icke (not a fan) says his son asked Musk to reinstate his father’s Twitter account to which the response was “No.” This is after Musk said very clearly, people would be reinstated who had not committed any criminal acts. I did the same thing. I asked for reinstatement and the answer was no. I’ve “violated” Twitter’s Terms of Service by responding to people’s stupid comments with facts and occasional jokes which they deemed “hate speech” and “personal targets.” Like Musk himself doesn’t zero in on targets he mocks and calls out with facts. Ok for the new owner, not okay for the average American. We’re the radicals – remember?

So yes, my Social Credit Score should be about the bottom of the pit at the moment and not set to rise any time soon as long as I am on the list of dangerous terrorist radicals telling the truth about pretty much everything under the Dictatorship that has cast its shadow over the United States.

And that brings us to Biden’s Digital Responsibility Act which took effect on December 13 of this year. Every time anything like this is put in place, you know there’s an ulterior motive which is hidden in the undertones and they have thought of every angle that will bring us to heel.

They’re going to use cryptocurrency as the main concern because they want to get their greedy paws on another form of nothing valuable sham “money” which produces digital digits all the tech guys said would be impossible to “hack” due to the invention of blockchain. However, the tech guys – although they are very aware – there is absolutely nothing digital that can’t be hacked. They know it and yet they sell a bill of goods to the people who are stupid thinking they’re going to charm us with their superior knowledge.

Money out of thin air is still money out of thin air and has no value. It only has the value the people place on it. Nothing more. And is it really limited? Limited by who? Sam Bankman-Fried? How’s that working out for you?

All of these things can and will be shut off when the power that is over them deems you unworthy. Work hard they said, you’ll get your rewards they said. Establish the American Dream they said, you’ll be able to keep what you have for your life and pass it on to your kids they said.

Nope. Big Government is your Big Brat Out Of Control Kid that has grown into a greedy, power-hungry monster and stopping it is going to take every one of us under God’s protection and with Him giving us strength.

In the meantime, we do have ways around this. And here comes the eye-rolling part for the people who find it boring and against the rules – you have to be a Secured Party Creditor. I think it’s becoming clear right now.

There’s a separation alright and it’s not between Church and State. It’s between the Elites (The Haves) and the Majority (The Have-Nots.) The Haves are creditors. The Have-Nots are the debtors/slaves. Whether you want to believe it or not – if you’re not a Creditor – you’re a Debtor. That’s what the government thinks of you.

Just take a look at this UCC Filing by the North American Water and Power Alliance and the Department of Defense which shows they’re treating us as “real estate” claiming “As all real men with hands and legs, and all real land in the United States of America.” That’s their claim – unrebutted in the USA. Um, what?

You are the collateral. You are the chattel. You are the credit. Are you getting this yet? They put debt on you so big that the Congressional Stage Performances trotting in front of us daily, is just a drop in the bucket. They’re claiming all of us as their slaves. I’m not okay with this at all.

So what do we do? Well, we have to tell the Feds we’re not their slaves. We have to reclaim our rights in the Bill of Rights, the real Constitution and let them know we’re not playing any more clandestine games where we don’t know what’s going on. Anything we’ve previously signed and consented to is rescinded and there will no longer be any more unilateral contracts where a fictitious (fictional) character is benefiting from our hard work and labor.

Although we shouldn’t have to declare it, it’s the system we let run all over us and now we have to pay the price of filing paperwork to stop them. Ever heard the phrase, “Death by a Thousand Papercuts?” YOU ARE HERE NOW!

It’s imperative you understand why lawyers, companies, and courts rely on contracts. They run on paper. Their paper is a contract. When you put something in writing it becomes a “contract” of sorts. They run the show because we don’t understand what contracts are. We just think whatever paper they shove in front of us is a “formality” so we sign things we don’t even read. We’re not crossing out things in contracts we don’t agree with, we just sign on the dotted line because we’re literally too stupid to get the fact they’re tricking us into compliance with a lot of things you don’t want to do.

At the hospital, they have digital signature pads they shove in your face when you’re in one of the most vulnerable positions you can be in – a medical trauma of some sort. They don’t show you what you’re signing and they don’t give you a copy until after you’re going to leave. You have no idea what’s on the papers.

I just happened to have to go to the hospital during the CoVid hyper trauma and I decided to read those documents. Yes, they tried to shove an iPad in my face and I promptly said, “I’m not signing anything I can’t read.” So they brought me a paper copy. I quickly read through what they wanted me to sign and found three huge problems I refuse to consent to.

First, they wanted me to sign that I consent to the use of experimental drugs and procedures not approved by the FDA. I knew that was talking about CoVid shots and tests. Nope – not gonna agree with that!

Second, they said I would be photographed and video recorded and they would use this if they thought I was mentally incompetent at any point and would determine if I needed psychiatric treatment. Nope – not going to consent to this either.

And lastly, I was supposed to agree that in the psychiatric evaluation they would determine if I was a threat to myself and others and have the ability to call in law enforcement if I was dubbed mentally unstable. Nope – that’s also a no-go.

Do you see why it’s not just about being a Secured Party Creditor is important? It’s because with the word salad and syntax used by the government, the phrase “Secured Party Creditor” is actually “sovereign.” And they hate sovereign people because someone who has officially through proper channels, declared themselves independent from the hive of Debtors and Slaves, is a danger to them. They know if we know what they’re doing, they can’t control us.

They live for money and power. And they mean – all these manipulative people like Hannity, Carlson, Democrats (all), RINOs, the Global Cartel/Cabal. That’s all they crave is dominion over us and all our assets too. They want it all and they will not stop until they have it.

Why depopulation? Because they can only handle a certain amount of people. They literally think they need to control the population in order to stay in power. Once those numbers get out of their control, the people realize they’re in charge and the elite were nothing more than a figment of our imagination that never controlled us in the first place.

Once the people discover they have the power, the fiction we call “government” is no longer our King and Lord. No, it can no longer have power. It’s up to us to make sure they never gain total control.

That’s why I became a Secured Party Creditor. It had nothing to do with money. It had everything to do with my rights. It is what we have that God gave us and they are trying to take it away and they will push and push and push to see if they can break you.

Until you stop them, nobody will. You can’t rely on your neighbor or a politician. You can’t rely on your family. You can really only rely on God. God will honor you if you honor Him and HE gave you rights that are recognized in the Bill of Rights which is not only the United States but also in every State Constitution in one form or another.

These can only be given away by you. The government does not grant you rights. YOU HAVE THEM ALREADY. The only thing you have to do is file the paperwork to claim them.

That’s what I do. That’s what I teach. That’s my motivation is to make sure you understand the power God gave you. I don’t really know why I’m like this but I have empathy for people and I absolutely can’t stand injustice. That probably makes me the maddest because the injustice is happening because of the lies we’re told and what they’ve indoctrinated us with.

I don’t know about you, but I’m over it!

And that being said, I do have the class tonight for the IRS Auditing. You probably already know about that but I’m also going to start out the new year with a class on becoming a Secured Party Creditor. I think it’s really important we spread the word and the knowledge.

The good news is, I know you’re going to learn something and go out there and help others when you get the paperwork and I expect you to. I expect you to go out into the world and help your family and friends to exit the system and start being independent. That’s what I want you to do. I don’t want you to hoard the information although the government would like you to do just that. I want you to help others.

The class is going to be on January 12 & 13th at 6PM CST on Zoom. The class fee is $250. I do limit the classes because one time I had so many people we were in there for an extra hour just trying to answer questions. I think it’s more beneficial to have smaller classes and get your questions answered rather than dragging it out. It’s two nights in a row and as always, I give you all the PDFs to go with everything I am telling you so you have a hard copy example in your hand when you’re going to do this.

Nobody else is going to give you the exact papers, in order and complete. They leave out stuff and it’s really bad because the part they leave out is the most critical. You’ll get nothing left out. I’ll tell you exactly what I did and you can do it also. I’ll go over everything step by step and explain the purpose behind it also.

You’ll want to get this done as soon as you can because with this new Executive Order, we don’t know how much longer until they shut this down and those of us ow are SPCs will be grandfathered in. You’ll have no way to pay bills or to do anything if you’re not an SPC.

It’s not the mark of the beast which is on the hand or forehead. What it is, is the ability to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and live in the world but not of it. Until such time when the entire system collapses – and it will – this is our remedy to preserve our families, our children especially, and our rights.

Join me on January 12 &13 and free yourself from what is coming.

Email me at april@aprillajune.com to register for the class and use Cash App to $AprilLaJune or Zelle to april@aprillajune.com for the fee. I send out materials and links the day of the class.




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