You may know a few things…
But did you know this?

You’re funding the Global Cartel every single day.

Most of you probably think you’re pretty savvy when it comes to being actually awakened to the lies and propaganda we’ve been experiencing since 2016 and some of you may even know it’s been happening way before that.

However, it’s amazing to me how many people don’t really get the fact everything that is happening is about money first, power second. Money is always number one in the eyes of the elites. Some elites will transgress against the nameless, faceless power that is the ruling handful of organized crime families but they still remain in their state of luxury.

Don’t think so? What about the Cuomo Brothers who both supposedly suffered huge losses from being smacked down by the left-wing establishment? Are they severely and financially devastated and unable to function or are they still living their lavish lifestyles while the rest of us are trying to scrape together a few dollars to buy gifts for the holiday season or even regular staples for our pantries?

It seems like any time the elites fall from grace it’s not to the gutter like the rest of us who are teetering on the edge constantly churning on the hamster wheel robbing Peter to pay Paul.


The American people have been under the impression we have to obey “authority” otherwise we will suffer in every way imaginable including loss of family, job, property, freedom and anything else the “power” can take away from us. They threaten our children and extended family if we don’t “obey.” They even try turning our own family, living under the same roof, against us in order to isolate and control the individual and what do we do?

We can’t see a way to fight against tyranny so we comply.

In fact, we don’t even recognize our own situations as tyrannical. We say, “Nobody can tell me what to do” or “I refuse to comply. When they come around, I’m going to stand my ground.” Then when something happens, because fear grips our minds and family prods us into compliance, we cave from what we suspect or even know is reality.

For example, Americans are in overwhelming debt. According to, the average American is in debt of about $96,000. That figure is astronomical to me. I can’t even fathom having that much debt as I’ve always paid everything in cash. But if you think about people’s houses and cars, that’s probably a little low for most people right now. I’d say – under the Biden Dictatorship, it’s probably at least doubled, if not tripled.

WOW – that’s a lot of obligation – or is it…


We’ve been under the impression that our lives are going along a path that looks like this:

You grow up, get a job, buy a car, get married, buy a house, have kids, work your job for however long you can and then retire. Hopefully, the “American Dream” will kick in somewhere along the way and we’ll be independently wealthy and retire in comfort. Many people of my parents’ age are in retirement and have funds coming in that they’ve worked for all their lives.

In fact, some in my own generation are sitting pretty for retirement. However, the majority are wondering what they’re going to do tomorrow because they don’t have enough funds to go around. Retirement is out of the question.

I was thinking about this the other day and what exactly is “The American Dream?” The definition seems pretty simple: every American has the opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination and initiative.

So what happens when we work really hard, we’re very determined, we have the initiative and yet, no matter what we do, Big Brother Government puts more rules and regulations on our pursuit of life, liberty and happiness while telling our neighbors, family and children to “report to us if you see anything suspicious.” Then we have phones, computers, cars, stores, traffic intersections, toll bridges, etc. with more surveillance than our voting polls.

What happens when we try to achieve the American Dream and public officials target individuals who refuse to comply with their stupid “rules?”

We find ourselves facing City Councils, County Commissioners, Law Enforcement sent to destroy our businesses with lengthy and expensive legal battles where, even if we win, we are financially scarred forever – that’s most of us.

Remember the bakery in Colorado that refused to bake a cake for a gay couple? Where did the gay couple get the money to take this fight way beyond the means of the Colorado bakers? The Government Cartel took the case on making it a criminal offense to deny services to someone who is conducting their life in a style contrary to the religious belief of the service provider. Um, hello…I thought that was our right to do so under the First Amendment – turns out it is our right but the bakery went out of business and the owners are still suffering from the loss of their establishment.

Just recently, Rae’s Cafe has gone through the same tyranny in Jackson County, Missouri from a bunch of government goons who wanted to shut down a business over the CoVid mask issue. The owner refused to force her staff or clients to comply with the county’s illegal mandates so she was attacked by the County Goon Squad Prosecuting Attorney under George Soros and had to go through a 2-year court battle which she eventually won. However, the bills still remain. She still had to pay outrageous fees to the attorney who was representing her. Do you think the county is going to pay those fees and costs? Do you think they’ll be compensating her for the losses she’s had over the past 2 years? And will the business owner go after each one of these people individually? Probably not in all cases. She’ll probably do what the rest of them do and hang it up and go on about her life and business.

The Government Goon Squad will live another day to harass the next guy and nothing will have changed. In fact, they’re getting ready to reinstate mandates and shut down more businesses in Jackson County under the guise of the upcoming devastating bioweapon which is about to be unleashed.


There’s actually one remedy to this entire situation that seems to be working really well right now to fight back against this Government Goon Squad money-making machine that is hell-bent on taking everything we own.

It’s kind of funny actually because we’re using their own agency against themselves and these guys are so greedy, they’re literally going out and looking for the money they weren’t entitled to and are happy with getting 13% from it.

On one hand, it does make sense – they’re taking 13% of the money that came from nothing and putting it in their own coffers. If you still think paper green notes are worth something, read page 3 of Modern Money Mechanics written by the Federal Reserve which is clear when it says the only value these notes have is what you think its value is. Other than that, it’s just worthless paper. At least coins are worth the value of the metal they’re made with.

We also have been living in a world built on Money of Account rather than Money of Exchange. Nobody ever told us there was a difference and we didn’t think anything of it because we literally had no idea what was going on in banking. We thought we go to work, get a paycheck and then spend the money we earned to get stuff that we either need or want and after years of labor, we have a property/land/house, etc. to show for it and we can leave it to our children and grandchildren….yeah, sure.

Instead, we have people like Walker F. Todd, who was an attorney and legal officer for the Federal Reserve and explained exactly what is going on in banking in several different court cases. The most famous is in the Walker F. Todd Affidavit and you can read the difference. Basically what he’s saying is you can’t cross between Money of Account and Money of Exchange because one has real value while the other doesn’t and it’s illegal to cross the two. Yet, every single day, mortgages and loans are taken out by unsuspecting people like you and I, thinking we’re following the rules when in reality, we’re allowing the bank to borrow money from us and the same thing happens with the utility companies, the credit card companies, the car companies, the hospitals, etc.


The popular argument rebutting the reality you don’t owe anything at the time a loan or mortgage is taken out is – you have to pay back what you borrow. But if you didn’t actually borrow anything in the first place, how can you owe it? That’s the conundrum.

The difficulty is, we have been taught all our lives the bank gives us money when in fact, banks don’t loan money at all. That’s not what they do. They are a third party that acts as a go-between from the Federal Reserve where your Social Security Insurance Account resides under a number we call the Social Security Number. It’s a private enterprise masquerading as a government entity. Just go to any search engine and put quotation marks around the phrase “Social Security Insurance Account” and you’ll see miraculously, people in different countries even are linked to the Social Security of the United States. Oh yes, the discovery makes you go WHOA! And then you discover it’s a real thing totally different than what you thought it was.

And on that note, what’s really going on is when you walk into the bank, you’re signing a bunch of papers that ultimately say in them, you’re giving limited power of attorney to the bank to do a few things with your “mortgage” or “loan” and when they do, they don’t have to tell you. As soon as the ink is dry on those papers, they put more papers with it called an “allonge” which has additional endorsements. If you ask any mortgage officer who says “I’ve been doing this for 30 years” or whatever, where do the papers go after they have them signed? Who picks them up and where do they go from there? Where do private mortgage companies ultimately send the papers? Where is the rest of the file once it is “endorsed” with the allonge? Who is endorsing it and can you see it? They’ll have no idea what you’re talking about. In fact, most of them will say they don’t know.

The loan officer at the bank or mortgage company, sitting across from you, gets a file that’s been prepared by them or someone else, comes to the table with a programmed script in their head and if you deviate from that line of thought that is about to take place, you’ll get zero answers from them because they really don’t know. Once you sign the papers and it goes back to the desk of the “closing officer,” they prepare the papers just like they’re taught to do and send it to their “uppers” or on to the next department who promptly do their portion and send it on.

It’s like being in the military. Everything is compartmentalized for the most part so each department along the way has no idea what the other department was doing. The only person who really knows what’s going on is someone who is a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) if they have a degree in finance like President Donald Trump does. Other than that, you’re dealing with a bunch of indoctrinated trained monkeys who are clueless about what’s really going on.

That being said, the simple version is this: your signature is the value, your labor the catalyst and when you go to the bank, you authorize them to take funds from your Social Security Insurance Account to “pay” the money to the other entity you’re purchasing from. The bank, in turn, uses your signature and that paper to create more “loan” opportunities because we have a fractional banking system that says the bank, at any given time, is only required to have on hand, federal reserve notes (FRNs = IOUs) of 10% just in case people decide to walk into the bank and want a physical representation of their digital funds which they can hold in their hands.

And that’s the real truth of how it works. Credit card companies, utilities, hospitals, court cases, are all the same way. They access your Social Security Insurance Account with authorization by you when you give them your Social Security number and a signature on a “note” or “agreement.” It’s a scam and you’re paying more than double for it.


The answer is actually yes, in a form. Depending on what account it is, you can get the money they have been making from you and the money they took from you in one of three ways. A check, a credit or a debit card. Those are the three ways to be repaid.

How to get them to repay you is fairly simple actually. You file a W4, a 1040 and a 1040V and list whoever you want to have the IRS audit and they’ll look at that “secret backside” of the account where the ledger actually is to find the money. When they find the money, they’ll keep 13% of what they find and you’ll get the remainder in one way or another.

That’s pretty much it.

You see, there’s a difference between the ledger and the summary of an account. When you ask any of these companies – including the court – they’ll show you the summary only. That is just a running tab of charges and payments. Has nothing to do with the funding of the account.

The ledger includes how an account was funded in the first place. It will tell you how an account was started, and where the funds came from. The summary skips that part and doesn’t tell you. Most people have zero clue they’re looking at a summary rather than a ledger and when you request the ledger, they’ll keep sending you the summary.

Ok, how do you deal with that? You send the IRS after them to find the funds. The IRS is very well aware you are the Original Issuer of all funding. They know exactly where the funds are coming from and they will take their portion if you just give them permission to do so.

That’s how I did it. That’s how my car suddenly was no longer a $425 dollar a month burden and I was able to discharge over $13K and my credit went up by 60 points. That’s how my electric had a zero balance this past month. I did the W4 on it.

I’ve had several people tell me they used the same process I showed them and now have zero balances each month on their utility bills and one woman even got a small check just recently from Wells Fargo. Imagine that – Wells Fargo giving out a check because they “overcharged” the woman. They like to spin the truth by using the word “overcharged” rather than trying to scam you out of funds because they can.


Tomorrow night, the last class of the year is going to be the IRS Auditing Class. The class starts at 6PM CST on Zoom. Anyone can join the class. The class fee is $150 and it’s well worth it.

I’m going to go over several different aspects of what you can do to start getting your money back. I’ll give you the PDFs so you can print them out and follow along. Then after the class is over, you can find the accounts you need to audit, fill out the papers and send them in.

The process of filling out the paper takes a few minutes per account. When you send them in, the IRS takes a few days, a few weeks or a few months to get this work done. Each company is different and each scenario is different. We’re not going to know which one is going to come through faster. It’s more about which agency is going to comply faster and turn over the information to the IRS or are they going to have to use a little muscle and do some heavy lifting.

You know the IRS. They like to get their pennies and if they can get dollars, they’ll do it.

That’s a good thing for you. I’ll show you the proof in the class and you’ll see you can do this with just about any account that is attached to you.

They’re making money every single day on you. It’s about time you started conserving what you have because under Biden’s Digital Responsibility Act and his Insane Clown Posse, I don’t know how long it will last that we can just skirt the issues here.

We have to gain property, get it out of the system and get land patents on our stuff to take it away from the Fed/State and get back to what the Founding Fathers had in mind. The way to do that is by using their system to our advantage right now before the window closes.

A good start is with the W4 class and after that you can decide what you will do from there.

To join the class, email me at and you can send your class fee to Cash App = $AprilLaJune or to Zell = I’ll get you registered and we’ll get the ball rolling.

I don’t say these things lightly. This is important because what’s coming isn’t going to be good but it will be easier for those who have prepared.

See you on the show!

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