Taking a good hard look at what’s really going on here you should be coming to the same conclusion

The Founding Fathers gave us the tools

You’re no longer experiencing a “government.” You’re actually experiencing what an organized crime syndicate looks like, feels like and what the consequences are on all of us.

Every time I try to slice this thing and figure out how to handle the blatant disregard of our rights, the railroading of people to be held in political prison cells by what we call the “United States Government” or “The Feds,” I get an epiphany that opens another drawer in this big box of corruption.

After analyzing how the “political system,” the “judicial system” and what is happening in the area called “The District of Columbia” it becomes clearer and clearer. This is not the “government.”

Here’s the definition of an organized crime syndicate:

From Encyclopedia Britannica: syndicate, also called Crime Syndicate, in the United States, an association of racketeers in control of organized crime (q.v.).

Here’s the definition of racketeer:

The Oxford Dictionary: a person who engages in dishonest and fraudulent business dealings.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary: one who obtains money by an illegal enterprise usually involving intimidation.

Can any of us say the government doesn’t fit these definitions? I can clearly see it in the way they function. Racketeering is absolutely organized into a huge intimidation ring of thugs. You don’t have to even stretch your imagination to see it if you’re even partially awake and not biased or completely indoctrinated to “step in line and do as you’re told.”

Let’s look really closely at this. Who is doing the intimidating? Isn’t it the politicians with the assistance of the judges and law enforcement? What about the IRS in conjunction with the politicians? What about the news media in conjunction with the politicians? What about the FBI, CIA, NSA, banking, education, churches, and corporate businesses all in conjunction with politicians?

Who are the politicians using as enforcers of their policies which are unconstitutional? Compliant hires give a badge, a gun, and a taser, a car with a cage and handcuffs to place on the citizenry who will not obey their every command as soon as it’s mandated, posted, and barked at the people. Honed in by clergy who are paid by “boards” in groups called churches who are taking people’s money in the name of Jesus, one crime syndicate “under God” with slavery and injustice for all.

This is what the people have been conditioned to bow down to. We can no longer think of this as a government. It’s a dictatorship of intimidation and if you don’t obey, you are the problem.

For those who know their rights, they try to stop you from declaring your rights, invoking your rights or even thinking about your rights. We have “thought police” hired by social media to squash and shadowban anyone who is sounding the alarm.

In fact, I think we may be too late. Most people are just too scared to do anything and that is a very bad position to be in if you’re thinking the same thing.

What should be happening is, the Sheriff, which is the highest office in the county, should be recognizing the corruption, filing charges against every single politician, business or person who is involved in this crime ring and arrest them, hold them for treason, racketeering, dereliction of duty, fraud, negligence, breach of contract, and various other related crimes. The people should be going to their local Sheriff’s office and making complaints, filing lawsuits, and holding the judges personally responsible, not stopping at their cries of immunity, and putting them in prison for the rest of their lives. These are crimes against humanity and treason.

This has gone too far.

It really irks me when I see an iPhone in the hands of a Conservative and when they’re called out on their self-indulgence and excuses for having this overblown, overpriced computer in their hands. It’s bad enough we’re having a Google product like Android in our hands. But to use excuses to pay 10x what a phone is worth just to pretend as if the “features” of the iPhone are worth the sacrifice. That’s just stupid and feeds the cabal even more money. They don’t deserve your money/labor and they certainly shouldn’t be glorified.

I don’t even like the fact I have to have a phone in my hand at all but because the Global Cabal using Puppet Politicians has deliberately made this world a dangerous place, what are you going to do? We’re forced to have this mini tracking device on us when we go out of the house because we will have to call for “help” and I use that word under duress – should we get in an accident or encounter a thug in our travels – with or without a badge. It’s becoming “Escape from New York” without the boundaries of a city.

Seriously? There’s not a feature in the world that iPhone has that would make me pay 10x the money. I see Conservatives en masse, using their iPhones. Because we have a self-indulgent society, they make sacrifices on one hand and then use the convenience on the other. I limit many things I do now because I’m not going to keep feeding the monster.

I would rather have the monster starve to death, leave and wither away into the dust. What are we doing?

Why are we so weak? Why are we not allowing God to strengthen us?

It’s nice to wear a t-shirt that says “Put on the Full Armor of God” with a great graphic of a warrior, but when the chips are down, are you really committed? Is that an iPhone you have in your hand while you’re shirking worship on Sunday to attend the Super Bowl using the excuse “well, it’s just once a year.”

Is that a snack pack of pudding cups, soda pop, and fast food you’re buying on your way to the soccer game on a Wednesday Prayer Service night because Jr. has a game and we can’t miss that otherwise he won’t get into a good college – I mean, indoctrination camp where he can major in Tribal Dancing and minor in Communal Camping with an emphasis on Transgender studies?

That’s where we are folks.

We are fake. We are cowards. We no longer have rights. We are being run by organized crime and we are too stubborn and too stupid to recognize it and if we do, we just excuse it.

It’s really disheartening to say the very least.

Where do we go from here?

I do have solutions, but solutions take action. Action isn’t the strong suit of most people. We can point out the issues, we can discuss the problems, but without action, it’s just more talk.

Let’s talk about this more on the show today at 2PM CST.

I hope to see you there and you can voice your opinion on this really important subject.