Jackson County Legislators Galvin and Franklin wearing their Commie Covers


­The RINOs are so desperate, they’re resorting to personal attacks! That’s when you know you’re winning.

Over the weekend, Theresa Galvin, a current Jackson County Legislator who seems to be spinning out of control, had her attack Social Media person, Jessica Pierce, try posting false statements about me putting her entire campaign in jeopardy since spreading actual slander is worthy of a lawsuit.

Now, just to be clear, I’m not whining. In fact, I’m winning and so are the rest of our Patriot Candidates who believe THE PEOPLE are in charge of this county and country – not the blowhard bureaucrats.

I’m not sure these RINOs understand the people are EXTREMELY MAD and have been looking into just exactly who these “elected” – more like “selected” officials actually are.

I’ve been down this road so many times, the RINOs are playing small ball rather than joining the BIG LEAGUE with us who are willing to ensure the public knows the truth about what these people have been doing their entire time in office which is pretty much lining their own pockets with backroom deals and under the table crony contracts.

And just to be fair with Galvin and Small Ball Jessica, I invited them to come on my show with their grievances and I’ll be more than happy to address the issues with them and then ask them the hardball questions Galvin has tried to avoid by leaving every Q & A session I’ve ever seen her be faced with.

That being said, I think we should be looking at all candidates who are running and find their websites. Let’s take a look at the issues they post and then compare their rhetoric and writing with their voting records if they’re incumbents or their long-time public statements if they’re first-time candidates.

It’s not really hard to see that political puppets like Galvin aren’t on the side of the people. She’s actually working for the GOP establishment which isn’t a good position to be in.

Speaking of not a good position to be in, the rest of the establishment puppets at the local GOP are also carrying water for RINOs who shouldn’t have ever been elected. It’s amazing how these same “die-hard” Republicans lap up the slop from the leadership by acting exactly like Democrats.

Let’s just look at the pattern of behavior we’re seeing.

Attack your opponent with something personal to rile them up because you can’t attack their issues.
Try to spread fake news to hone in your personal attacks
Pretend to be on the side of the people to gain

Now, lets compare what these RINOs are doing to the list of which was written by Garret Geer of Saul Alinsky’s Useful Idiots Plan:

  1. Health Care – how many RINOs have you seen putting on masks and getting vaxxed? Most will lie and tell you they didn’t comply but I can tell you just the other day Galvin donned her commie cover in a public meeting once again. She has no intention of putting up a fight or being an example. How many of the GOP leadership complied with this loyalty ritual which was completely unnecessary? How many will do it again?
  2. Poverty – how many times have our taxes been raised with a “good who” by RINOs like they tried to fight it? How many times have we been disappointed in the RINOs for not holding firm and standing their ground? It’s because they’re really Democrats in disguise. Can’t trust any of them. Keeping the people poor ensures they rise to the top with a slave class they can control.
  3. Debt – RINOs don’t want to admit there is no money. The Federal Reserve is a sham and there is no actual debt because there is no money. If there isn’t any money, how can there be debt? It’s just a spinning wheel we’re on because we’re under the uniParty rule. It’s fake. It’s been fake since 1913 and on paper fake since 1933 but nothing to see here folks!
  4. Gun Control – How many RINOs just voted for stricter background checks and Red Flag Laws which are unconstitutional? How many RINOs have answered the question – “How many criminals obey gun laws?”
  5. Welfare – what forms of welfare have RINOs pushed forward? If you think it’s about your EBT card – it’s not. They’ve taken so many Federal funds for programs we don’t need it’s ridiculous. They’ve even established departments that don’t need to exist and expanded those that should be minimal. They’ve even promoted State funding to make sure counties and cities are under the rules of bureaucrats, making sure we pay the highest taxes to fund their overspending. How many RINOs are getting rich while you’re getting poorer?
  6. Education – How many RINOs have attended School Board meetings to fight against Critical Race Theory? Gender Confusion? Porn in schools and in the curriculum? I haven’t seen any GOP leadership or public officials standing against these pathetic attempts to indoctrinate children and I haven’t seen any of them try to address homeschool issues with the exception of saying – “yeah, sounds good” and going back in their holes supporting Public Indoctrination Camps.
  7. Religion – How many RINOs stood against the Mask Mandates empowering churches to stay open when they knew the scamdemic was a loyalty ritual? How many times have we heard a RINO back the “separation of church and state” which doesn’t actually exist?
  8. Class Warefare – How many RINOs have introduced legislation that is 1) unconstitutional and 2) lines their own pockets while trampling on the people’s finances and rights? I can think of some off the top of my head. How many times have elitist RINOs treated the regular working man like dirt for asking questions? How many times have elitist RINOs dismissed the regular people by saying “you wouldn’t understand” or “it’s more complicated than you think.” These are their popular comebacks when confronted by the knowledgeable public who want answers to their questions wanting transparency and accountability.

Yes, the RINOs go on personal attacks because we, the real Conservatives and those who want to empower the people are telling the truth. That’s how you know you’re winning – when they’ve got nothing but fake news to push.

Nope – the RINOs are no different than Democrats. But one thing both of these groups give us constantly is more ammo to use against them when we’re trying to show the people the truth about our current situation