If you listened to just a tiny portion of King Joe’s speech on CoVid yesterday, you may have noticed he decreed all federal employees must get vaccinated and any companies with over 100 employees will be fined $1400 per incident for unvaxed employees because, “we’re going to keep vaccinated people safe from the unvaccinated.”

Excuse me? What did you just say? Crazy China Joe just said he was going to keep the vaccinated safe from unvaccinated.

If this vaccine is so awesome, wouldn’t the vaccinated already be safe from the vaccinated? And what about those who are vaccinated getting ultra sick with CoVid after complying with King Joe’s orders?

Seems like this vaccine is having a little trouble getting out of the gate and I seriously don’t believe 75% of the population is vaccinated.

I don’t believe it because they’re still offering bribes, freebies and threats against those who refuse to take a clot shot and get jabbed with an experimental dose of whatever is in this stuff.

They want us to believe we’re in the minority but in reality, those refusing to take a jab are in the majority.


Who is actually falling for this clown show called “The Biden Administration?” I’m certainly not. In fact, we can’t even tell if these people are actually meeting at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

There’s no photos of these guys walking out of there which I find really odd. We’ve got photos of a lot of empty space with nobody in it. And Old Joe can’t even fill a rally with a few folks to get this thing going.

I’m not seeing the 81 million who voted for this clown raising their hands and standing tall. I’m pretty sure the most popular President in American history should be able to hold huge rallies and events nationwide.

Where are these people who voted for this insane Clown and his Posse?

What’s really going on here is a flu. A different strain of flu but still the flu. Moderna is even trying to develop a “CoVid and Flu Booster” combined. You know why? Because, as I have stated for so long, IT’S THE FLU.


Flu vector infographic. Flu symptoms. Infographic elements.

Granted it’s a hard flu but it’s still a flu and the bioweapons grade flu is effecting those with co-morbidities like heart problems, cancer, etc., just like any other flu would do. People who have extra circumstances are finding they are in serious trouble when the contract this illness.

We’ve also forgotten CoVid doesn’t live through heat very well. In fact, it dies at 56 degrees which is what people were saying from the very beginning. And all of a sudden, up pops a new variant – Delta. (Play a little organ music here to strike fear in yourself.)

Remember when this thing started the Insane Clown Posse of the Biden Administration all said there would be no forced vaccines or mask wearing? Yeah, they said it. Just watch Mark Dice’s new video he made today on YouTube if it’s not banned by now. _Watch it here: (https://youtu.be/hiWoyLwZdo4)

Many of these goons are trying to force vaccines and masks but denying medical exemptions but there are religious exemptions the government can’t stop. In fact, many people are finding this is working to ensure they’re safety from a tyrannical government.

The creator of Gab, Andrew Torba, has a site where you can download a letter for just about every circumstance and its success rate is very good. You can look at what he’s posted here: Religious Exemptions Downloads

You’ll find there are exemptions for military, employees for employers, Orthodox Christians and Catholics.

Do you research and find out what exemption you need. They are denying medical conditions and forcing those who really shouldn’t be wearing masks into endangering their health.

This has been an ongoing issue since there are many who will just comply because they were told they had to or their services would be denied.

Yesterday I clearly told you there was going to be a 2-tiered system and it’s happening. King Joe just said, “we’re going to keep vaccinated people safe from unvaccinated people.” His talking puppet, Jen “Raggedy Ann” Psaki, wouldn’t even take any questions on this subject when asked about medical exemptions and the fact the vaccines are being called “unsafe.” She fled the room just like her boss, Joe Xi Jin Ping.

Why do you think they’re pushing so hard for us to be vaccinated? Remember, this is about controlling us and manipulating our DNA with gain-of-function capabilities. Data shows many young women are becoming sterile as a result of the jab. There are also stats that say women who were pregnant had a miscarriage at all stages including late term pregnancies. They can’t save their children from the vaccine.

Where’s the media on this? Silent.

Why? Because it’s about depopulation, Agenda 31(which used to be 21) and whatever numbers they’re on now for the New World Order.

Remember when the New World Order was just a conspiracy theory? Well it’s not anymore. Old King George Bush I told us about the New World Order in one of his speeches and just recently, in Australia, one of their medical puppets just told the audience of reporters, they’re looking at “contact tracking” in relationship to the New World Order.


This is smart dust. It’s a real thing. In fact, it’s been written about in various technology magazines and although people want to pretend it’s not real – it’s very real.

Many of the articles are trying to twist the narrative into how helpful Smart Dust can be for crops, the military, monitoring all kinds of situations but the reality is – it’s about monitoring you.

From ForeScout.com“Since they can be inhaled, even standard procedures such as clothing changes, dust suits, and broad spectrum communications jamming would be ineffectual because once the person leaves the environment with the sensors inside of them, they can report back on what they discovered.”

You can read about Smart Dust at Forbes, HiTech Nectar and Technology Review.

These are liberal publications which are just reporting the facts with the exception of Technology Review which clearly says smart dust can spy on your brain.

Just doing a simple search online will show you Smart Dust can be injected.

Since this smart dust can be injected and this new vaccine contains “nano-particles” it’s obvious people are walking around with data transmission inside their bodies and are too stupid to realize what’s going on.

Red-pilling them doesn’t work because they’re programmed Zombies of the left and basically can’t think for themselves anymore. There will be a sector of the population who will always obey and do what they’re told. They want to be able to say, “we didn’t know” although there is plenty of opportunity to learn what’s really going on here.

First came 5G technology with super sonic ability to collect data under the guise of “faster Internet.” Then came the release of “CoVid.” And now, we have the “cure” through a smart dust laced vaccine that is killing people and manipulating our DNA.

Yes, hand in hand, little by little, one tiny step at a time, the New World Order is manipulating our population to comply with their evil to control all of us, usurping God’s plan of liberty and freedom.

Liberty and Freedom have never been part of the Democrats plan. They are marching to the beat of evil. They will not stop unless we stop them.

You can stop them. You have the ability to stop them. You can only do this if you’re willing to take that risk and fight for freedom. God is behind good things and will help us if we just ask.

We should be in prayer all day long for this country and our families. We should not be fearful of imprisonment. We may get arrested and we may be denied services but our lives are on the line here.

Our Christianity is being called into the forefront and it’s time to fight like a Patriot and make sure we stay on God’s side even when it gets really tough.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better. God has told us the “saints will barely escape.” Who are the “saints?” Are you one of God’s people?

If you are, you need to defend the country he gave us and you need to do it now. Stop allowing others to trample on you and your family.

Stand together and ride out this storm. God always wins in the end and evil knows it. That’s why it’s fighting so hard to survive.


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