This isn’t the first time Democrats have armed terrorists. In fact, it’s not even the 3rd time although most can remember, Fast and Furious with Obama arming the cartel and Benghazi when Hillary and Obama sold Stinger missiles to terrorists.

Nope, this is an ongoing thing with them.

Sunday, I was at a meeting where we were discussing what we should do as a church and what direction we wanted to go as far as services in the evening were concerned and many of the group are Christian Patriots and wanted to start having classes or services geared towards saving our country.

One guy in the crowd who is younger, doesn’t get it. He literally thinks politics and church don’t mix because he said people will feel alienated. He also said someone had made a statement at one time in either class or at a meeting, “Democrats are evil.”

Well man, Democrats ARE evil. Just look at their entire existence. It’s a group of people who want to murder babies, murder adults, support genocide in almost any form, are trying to control us, arm our enemies, throw the average American in so much debt they can’t get out and then try to sugar coat the truth with twisted words and ridiculous double talking.

I don’t care if you want to attend church and pretend to be a “good guy.” The bottom line is if you support evil – you’re evil. There’s no other option here. When is it going to be apparent to these fluff heads that Democrats are not going to change as long as we keep saying Democrats aren’t evil?

It makes no sense to me how we can sit by, watch a bumbling idiot occupy a seat which is reserved for an American Patriot, who is taking money from China, won’t answer questions because he’s really that incompetent and then watch as a bunch of talkers sit around and hold hearings for stupid things that don’t matter.

We’re literally just waiting for someone to march up on our front yards and do something to us personally. We don’t seem to understand, if we don’t stop these things where they are, our own lawns will be filled with Taliban and evil.

Afghanistan and this entire mess is just a small portion of what’s about to happen. It’s a ticking time bomb which will explode if we don’t actively get rid of Democrats in all of our society.

Republicans aren’t much better but at least for now, we can watch them and deal with the true evil in our faces right now.

How do we do it? We have to protest, hold signs, make phone calls, send letters and emails, red pill people with flyers we hand out as we’re shopping. We can speak out, write something and broadcast – yes I said it. Broadcast.

I’m working on an event which will help us with these action items. I’m gathering people who have real tools you can use. They’ll show us step by step how to subvert this enemy who is constantly coming at us.

Unfortunately, a lot of the things we’re bombarded with are digital and sometimes difficult to separate but it is possible we can get rid of Democrats, change our cities, states and officials. We have to do it. It’s Biblical and God is going to treat us just like he has tiny Israel sitting like a pimple in the Middle East.

God has protected them even with the overtaking of their society with a Deep State because he knows it’s the people who are faithful – not the cabal.

This current fiasco is taking away from a much more prevalent issue.

The election.

More and more states are joining the election audit. I just read an article yesterday stating the Supreme Court has ruled the states have the right to make null and void their electors if they didn’t vote the way the people told them to. Apparently, this has happened in several states.

Here’s a direct quote from the opinion:

“Nothing in the Constitution expressly prohibits States from taking away presidential electors’ voting discretion.”

This is a huge blow to the Democrats who are banging the drum of “unfair” practices when it comes to voting. They think we’ll fall for the no voter ID policy and allowing anyone to vote. Literally anyone whoever they are regardless of being part of the citizenry.

There’s no integrity, ethics, morals, common sense or anything else in the logic coming from a lying bunch of thieves who make it a point to tell the rest of us we’re the psychos.

They’ve neatly put themselves in little packages of what they label “sane” while the rest of us know you can call it what you want but Psychopath and Sociopath pretty much sum up what the Democrats are made from.

I’ve said this before, when a bunch of egotistical psychos and sociopaths are put in a place of power, they just install their own “doctors and psychologists” via bribery and fear dubbing themselves “experts.”

I’m sorry. A guy calling himself an expert along with his bought and paid for “friends” is not impressive. Experts who are wrong are just another guy saying something stupid.

When Democrats say “we listen to the experts” after they’ve given them honorary diplomas which used to mean something, dumbed down America so far because of lazy Christians and Conservatives, I’m still not going to buy what they’re selling.

Giftwrapping a load of crap, doesn’t make it smell better. It’s still a stench we don’t want.

The reality is, if the audits keep doing their job, the report I just read saying the Supreme Court is behind closed doors listening to arguments to reinstate President Trump – could be true.

I hope they’re true. I’m sick of what we’ve got right now and it’s not even a year!