May 4, 2021
by April LaJune

Not too long ago, I signed up for the World Economic Forum newsletter to keep myself informed of what the Global Cartel of Evil Minions have in store for us. I also am periodically sent links to InfoWars/Alex Jones (ugh!) and he is talking about the same thing. The push is on for every person in the work field to be vaccinated.

This is really dangerous for everyone including families. I’m thinking of family members right now who I know will step right up and get this mRNA changing vaccine in order to continue in their jobs. They’re so indoctrinated I can’t stop them from injecting themselves. At least two of my own children have submitted willingly and wholeheartedly to running to be vaxed. They’re embracing the vaccine and all the propaganda. This is breaking up the family. I am sure of it.

Moving through these coming days is going to be a dividing line in every family. I had to tell some of my family members I can’t be around them because they took the plunger. It’s dangerous. It’s not even approved by the FDA (not that it would matter) but THEY won’t even take the vaccine!

I had a medium length discussion with some of my children and they just don’t get it. They are so indoctrinated they think they’re “saving lives” while Bill Gates is telling them in his Ted Talk they’ll be depopulating the world through children’s medicine and vaccines. He’s literally telling us how he will kill us using these medicines and they’re twisted minds actually think they’re saving lives by sterilizing people and providing abortions. This is how they justify doing evil.

It’s just one big snowball and in the end, not only will my own children suffer, the effects of this will last forever. It’s Biblical. Nothing can stop what is coming.

That includes your jobs! You’re going to find out, being multi-talented is a gift and you’re going to have to make your own jobs. I can see exactly where this is going.

Some jobs are already requiring people to take the jab in order to keep their positions. They started out with the masks, then graduated to one jab, now two, now yearly. Are you insane? Why would anyone do this?

I already know people who have quit their jobs because of the mask situation. One nurse I know started her own in-home health care for those who are going without masks and don’t want to deal with a person who can’t understand science. She is doing quite well.

Over and over again, I see people starting their own cottage industries because they’re over working for tyrannical people who want to force on them something that isn’t even scientifically proven.

What I also see is once again, the people are in charge and have the future of big business in their hands. Can you imagine what would happen if those who know the masks are stupid, ineffective, understand CoVid is a hyped hoax, just left their jobs, stopped shopping at various stores and started doing their own thing?

We’ve literally got their financial futures in our hands! That’s a good thing. When shall we start wielding our powerful swords and cut them all down? I think we should start today!