May 5, 2021
by April LaJune

Because Social Media Nazis have been blathering on for years about how President Trump and his supporters push misinformation and lies, the Facebook Cartel has decided to continue the ban on him. Frankly, I could care less.

Remember Napoleon? (At least they say he said something similar) Never interfere with an enemy in the process of destroying himself. Looks like we’re watching the total implosion of these evil dictators and all we can do is sit on the sidelines.

I’m okay with that. I can’t stand Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Sure, the concepts are fine. It’s the reality that isn’t. We shouldn’t be subjected to publishers pretending to be platforms and taking our money and rights from us.

Pretty sure if you’re the CEO of a company you’re running into the ground, under any other circumstances, you’d be fired. But not the Big Tech Cartel! They have very deep pockets and they just create money. They’re run by the Deep State nameless (to a point,) faceless Puppet Masters too afraid to come out of their dark caves and face what’s coming.

Instead, they throw out shiny faced innocent looking puppets like Mark Zuckerberg and hippies like Jack Dorsey to do their bidding. Do you really think Bill Gates is a brainiac who just happened to stumble into a billionaire fortune to end up the global PR media pusher of eugenics and de-population?

This is planned. It’s all planned. It’s been planned forever. It’s not like every movie you’ve ever seen isn’t unfolding in reality before your very eyes. In fact, you can pretty much put a bunch of sci-fi movies on a dart board, throw a pointy object at it and it will stick on something that’s happening right now.

Anyone watch the latest confession movie called “Songbird?” If not, you should. It pretty much tells you exactly what’s coming. It’s no surprise unless “Dufus” is your middle name. I’m not really thrilled about living amongst the dumb but what can you do?

With the colluding media paid for by the now disgraced CIA who has been pushing their “diversity” program through ads so ridiculous it’s more like Saturday Night Live skits, the Big Tech Cartel has pretty much facilitated Democrats in the Congressional Cartel to lie, cheat and steal to the public for years.

This wasn’t just an agenda they came up with when President Trump was elected the first time, Mr. Trump just exposed them. Since before 1871, the Deep State has been trying to figure out and perfect it’s manipulation over the population. They’ve literally done a great job!

Little by little, etching away at our freedoms pretending everything is for our own good. Just look at cars and driver’s licenses. Very simple to see how this has happened.

At first, people just drove cars all over the place. Then someone got the great idea to make a few stop signs, make sure people stayed on one side of the road to get to their destinations. Sounds reasonable. Anyone would say these are good things.

However, government decided they needed to cash in on the car and put licenses and registrations in place when the Constitution is clear no government entity can obstruct our ability to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

Is the government responsible when there’s an accident on the road? No. But they issued the “license.” Do they pay the insurance premiums? No. But they make you pay for insurance. What about the registrations? What are we registering our cars for? We are paying an agency that does nothing more than regulate us. Seriously. They don’t do anything else.

Doesn’t it make common sense if you’re paying as much as we pay for cars we certainly don’t want to wreck them? Doesn’t it make sense if we wanted to, we’d buy insurance on our own? And doesn’t it make sense that if you are involved in an accident with an “uninsured motorist” whether you have insurance or not, you’ll have to take that person to court? And another thing…if the “uninsured motorist” does hit your car, wouldn’t it be more feasible to allow them to work and make the money to pay for the damages? Um…hello…are we so stupid we can’t do this for ourselves?

And yet another thing. Since the government took away all our actual money in 1933 leaving us with nothing but notes that are essentially paper IOUs, what are you supposed to do with that? These worthless pieces of paper have been pushed for years and if the Federal Reserve (which is private and not government) goes belly up or decides you’re not deemed worthy to have their worthless paper, they can stop your ability to even trade these notes.

That’s all you’re really doing – trading around IOUs. As soon as they stop us from being able to buy and sell (Biblical) because you’ll have to be vaccinated to do any kind of business among the indoctrinated, you’re going to find yourself in a world of hurt.

Thank GOD (and I am talking about the Big Kahuna) He gave us as place of refuge designated by scripture. If you haven’t begun to get it, you will – hopefully it won’t be too late. God knew we were going to be in trouble and he also knew we needed to be together in order to combat this evil.

Independence, Missouri is called Zion in Isaiah (I’m not getting into that right now) which is the entire reason I moved here. I’m not going to be one of those “fleeing to Zion” at the last minute. You should be seeing a formation of safety and trying to get in groups. The countryside isn’t going to save you. It’s a simple flush of the area and you’re going to be on the losing end of that stick.

Whether you come here or not, it’s completely up to you but you’re witnessing the scriptures coming to fruition and we are on the verge of Christ returning.

Yes, politics and Christianity mix. They always have. Are you on God’s side? That’s where I want to be!