May 3, 2021
by April LaJune

The Communists popularly known as “Democrats” are pushing to defund local police departments while maintaining their own “security” by calling the cops. Here’s why. They plan to federalize law enforcement and then start marching through your life federalizing everything.

Have you seen the videos with the “robo” cops? California and New York – Commie Country – have both unveiled their crime fighting stacks of metal. See video:

If you think that’s scary, look at Dubai from 2017. They’ve already enlisted the aid of this type of cop with a non-face. As you look at it, you’re not sure what’s actually at the tips of those fingers. Robots don’t need a gun to shoot you, taze you or render you immobile. See video:

Technology is so advanced the Deep State and those who hate you, put a little warm fuzzy video together to get kids used to the idea, robots are fun. See video:

This video came out in December 2020. These happy dancing robots are giving you the impression it’s all fun and games. They’re using entertainment with a popular song for all ages to say, “See, Robots aren’t here to harm you! They’re cute and can even dance.”

Cops are just the start!

And then they can take your job, enforce unconstitutional laws programmed by the insane Congressional Cartel who are trying to pass intrusive, illegal bills left and left again.

Every day you don’t do something about this, is another day of data collection, etching away at your rights and then trying to pretend like you’re able to move about freely.

The Deep State wants to take over your education, health care, housing, transportation, travel, thinking, etc. I just heard a report from Elon Musk these technology giants are planning to take over your ability to drive. Can you imagine what they’ll do when you have a driverless car and want to go to a friend’s house deemed a “terrorist” by the Congressional Cartel?

They may let you go – or they may not. They will most likely be “watching you” to see who you talk to, when you talk to them and collect the data of your habits once again. They’ll corral you into a tiny box you can’t escape from and just like a movie, they’ll knock down your door and either murder you on the spot or cart you off to the “reprogramming camp.”

We thought this stuff was “science fiction.” Instead, we’re watching it unfold before our very eyes. I’m just hoping God steps in and only allows the evil people to self-destruct without harming us to the point we’re incapacitated. (FYI, it will be to the point we are in a fox hole, praying to God to save us. Hopefully, you’ve made sure you’re in the category of people worth saving and not bobbing in the flood waters like those who made fun of Noah. God only saved 8 people back then. Manna for thought.)


We’ve weakened our population so far, I literally walk out my front door, get in my car and see absolute fools wearing masks because it’s possible they may catch a cold or the flu which the odds favor they’ll recover from. I can bet money on their recovery. I would be seriously rich if I could track these people. I’d place bets and win. That would be great odds since they think they’ll die. Morons – the lot of them.

The further separation from society is being instigated by the vaccinated group and the non-vaccinated group. We’re literally being separated by vaccination. I’m fine with that as I am SUPER HAPPY TO HAVE LIBERALS STAY AWAY FROM ME! Reports are coming out by doctors saying if a non-vaccinated person is around a vaccinated person, they will render the non-vaxer sterile.

I think this is possibly because of the nanoparticles in the vaccine and the masks. These people are breathing in metal particles that are so tiny, they are undetectable except for the 5g which surrounds them. Oh yes, that again.

Several things will most likely happen to those vaccinated. They’ll die – which of course is what the Deep State wants. Those who don’t die will have their DNA altered so they can’t pro-create. They don’t want the sub humans having children. Only those they deem worthy are to have children. They will be designated by the global cartel who will safeguard their own pool. That’s what elitist Hitler lovers do. They are trying to engineer their own gene pool with their own kind since you and I don’t measure up.

These are no longer theories. They are realities. I’ve literally just seen several stories that should make people scared to be around liberals but in fact, the indoctrinated brain dead will facilitate those who want to kill them as they always do.

It’s really just a matter of time. If we don’t accelerate our ability to conquer fear and get ourselves in large groups together in one location, we are weak. We have to be in the same physical location to combat and thwart these people.

A great example of community coming together is the recent school board take over in Arizona. The propaganda arms of the left are twisting the story but you can read the drivel here:

What really happened, is the school board was ejected by the parents in a legal takeover and then a new board was put in it’s place. Don’t let these cartel puppets tell you any different. They’re trying to detour any parents in other areas from doing the same.

They literally think we’re so stupid we will just comply and although we’re not stupid, many are weak. They just don’t have any fight left in them. This is why I am taking matters into my own hands for my small corner of the world. I am ensuring self-sufficiency and building a way to survive.

That’s what they don’t want.

It’s getting expensive and dangerous. It’s time we do something pro-active and think about what, where, when and how. Together WE THE PEOPLE ARE STRONGER! Don’t get separated. Plan your moves and make them count.

We’re here to help those who want to be safe. Let’s do this together!