April 27, 2021
by April LaJune

I think I’ll give myself an award. I’ll call it the DIGITAL SOLDIER’S FREEDOM OF SPEECH AWARD for the BEST ONLINE BROADCASTER WHO TELLS THE TRUTH REGARDLESS OF DANGER. How about it folks? Is that okay with you? I think I’ll accept this award on behalf of myself and my good works that I do every single day because I’m just that great.


This is what Google and YouTube have done for themselves. In a ceremony, sponsored by Google with an award sponsored by YouTube from an Institute on “Free Expression” they created, these Big Tech giants literally just gave themselves a massive pat on their evil backs. Presenting one of the most tyrannical CEOs in the world, Susan Wojciki with a “Free Expression” award takes a lot of gall. Um no – this should not be happening.

YouTube is one of the most oppressive, opinionated, left wing motivated propaganda machines on the planet which has not only heavily censored anyone they don’t agree with, they have banned millions of accounts for speaking out against the agenda of the “Deep State.”

There is no “free expression” on YouTube. There is no “free speech” on YouTube. It is a heavily monitored and controlled environment where pop-culture reigns and propaganda promoting sexualization of children, gay rights, abortion, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and the like are constantly bombarding viewers.

The commercials shown on YouTube are biased and baiting, pushing the opinions of degenerates. Just recently I saw a bunch of women sitting in a circle trying to empower themselves because of their monthly menstruel cycles. It was actually a super degrading commercial. There was nothing about it that empowered women.

Along with their agenda of stomping out anything they don’t like, YouTube has banned anyone speaking about the election results as a fraud, CoVid is a manufactured “crisis,” the vaccine is dangerous, actual articles from the CDC which prove the hype about C-19 and so much more.

They’ve even assisted Joe Xi Jingping and his Insurgents in falsifying the stats showing most people can’t stand Democrats and every video has an enormous amount of dislikes compared to likes. You can’t even leave comments on the White House official YouTube channel anymore because those 81 million fake voters for Biden aren’t showing their support.

The arrogance of the left is over the top. In fact, I have no words to even describe this much self-delusion except for insane. These people are insane.

I don’t think the majority of the public is buying their propaganda though.

I have repeatedly worn my Trump hat, shirts and have a sticker on my car which says “Trump, Still my President” and I get nothing but compliments and agreement. I’ve not had one person walk up to me and say “how dare you.”

On the other hand, a mask Nazi did try to accost me in the store. I promptly shut her down and told her to get lost. I won’t be intimidated in public by an uninformed conformist who gives me a stupid reason for wearing a mask. (Just an FYI, when I asked her why she was saying this to me she immediately said I should wear a mask “because everyone else is.” – Not a reason.)

So on that note, I am not sure how much more outrageous the left can get, but I don’t have a mind that is that utterly stupid so I’ll just have to watch from the sidelines and deal with whatever they do next.

Depravity and deception. That’s what is going on here.